Meh….Cyranny’s done it again…….

Yea. she, and her gaggle of groupies are doing the word of the day (daily prompt) since the daily prompter quit his job.  It’s only been a few days since she has taken over the bloggosphere, and already she has thrown out a non-word!




I’ve asked before and got responses…NONE of which gave me a clue as to what that blasted non-word means.

I got ‘smileys”

and a “I’d answer if I cared”…and “I don’t know and don’t give a damn”……….

I looked online…….

and found a button…………. I searched some more, and found this!

Well, a coffee cup certainly explained the danged word!

SO….here it is. A word we are supposed to write about…..a word to open the vast emptiness within our brains and have erudite, intelligent, fascinating sentences pour out from……..

MEH.……….It isn’t even in the fricking urban dictionary! Merriam-Webster’s has no clue. Forget the Encyclopaedia Britannica…they simply shuddered in horror when I posted a request for an answer!

I even asked SAM who said “who really cares, Gramma?”

So, Ms. Cyranny pretending to give a WORD of the day and giving me MEH instead….THIS is what you end up with! I got NOTHING! And I no longer care! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

7 thoughts on “Meh….Cyranny’s done it again…….

  1. Well, it’s not a word I would have chosen, but ‘meh’ is that feeling you get when you just can’t be bothered, and don’t feel like doing anything at all. I don’t know if that’s how Cyranny felt…

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  2. Exactly, that’s exactly what it means.

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    1. WHAT???????????????????

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  3. I think “meh” and “blah” can be used interchangeably 😊

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  4. I never knew what it meant either!

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