FOWC – Picayune

Fandango has his own version of the word of the day…..and he has had a few lovely words…all seemingly from a Southern heritage. (ARE you from the south, sir?)

Today’s word is “Picayune”.

I think most people in the US would see this word and think “newspapers”.  There are versions of “the Picayune’ all over the United States..usually small, weekly newspapers that publish local news and people use as bird cage or litter box liners when done reading……….they fit perfectly with a single fold.

But Picayune means something a little bit different to those of us from the southern states (or having a southern parent)….it means tiny…minuscule…too small to even think about…worthless….or petty.

It was the LAST word we as children wanted to hear when complaining to our grandmother that a sibling was being mean or arguing with us.

It more than likely is a derivative of the word meaning 5 cents in Creole ( Africaans-French).

a 1745 picayune

I remember a line from Uncle Tom’s Cabin…….

“I give him a picayune, now and then; and you see he dresses well.”

I remember my grandmother saying “I wouldn’t give a picayune for it” once in a five and dime, speaking of a pin I wanted to buy for my mother. I passed on the pin for a tube of lipstick that met with approval.

Thanks Fandango, for the memories reminder with your little word!



3 thoughts on “FOWC – Picayune

  1. I’ve been to Picayune many a time, and heard the term more than that. Definitely a southern thing.

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  2. I did live in Texas for a bit. Is that considered to be “The South”? It is an interesting word, which is why I chose it for today’s challenge. I wanted to see the creative ways people would use it. Glad it was a reminder of pleasant — I hope — times for you.

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  3. Picayune Mississippi! Paul’s Pastry. Best King Cakes around.

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