FOWC by Thriving instead of surviving…………

FOWC with Fandango is a replacement service for the daily prompt. Masterminded by a wonderful blogger (Fandango) a word is given daily to nudge our bloggery brains a bit into thinking and writing. The word from Fandango today is “simple”.

Dee Kelly of Thriving not Surviving also has a daily prompt now..with her merry band of bloggers taking turns day by day, she is also providing out meager brains with a shove in a writing direction. Her word of the day is “Negotiate”.

Now, who wants to make a bet that both words will appear in this post and it WILL MAKE SENSE?  No takers? Yea, I figured as much.

There once was a lad named Sam

who declaimed simple thoughts like spam

not one to negotiate

he sought instead to berate

the local Fox news program.

7 thoughts on “FOWC by Thriving instead of surviving…………

    1. the now six year old next door who “dopted” me as a gramma!

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      1. Oh, THAT, Sam. With the reference to Fox News, I thought it might be someone else.

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  1. Well done Suze, another classic post from you!

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  2. Excellent way to combine the two words! 😁

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