friendly fill-ins, June 6, 2018

Yes, I saw Barbara’s post! So I had to join in…I need SOMETHING to cheer me up now that the “govenet” and Sam have upset me…………and this will help enormously!


1. My neighbors_____________________.
2. The last thing I purchased online was __________________.

3. I have never _________.

4. Anything is possible if _________.
1. My neighbors are wonderful! Always ready to help with anything they can, from watching the cats when we go camping, to cookouts, to just yard work or sitting on the front porch swing sharing a soda pop. I am blessed to have them in my neighborhood!
2. The last thing I purchased online was a wall hanging ironing board for my sewing/craft room. Actually I ordered it last night and it will be delivered on Friday! WOOT!
3. I have never…………..ummmmmmmm, killed anyone???? Nope, haven’t done that…although if I could get away with it? hummmmmmmmmmmmmm, nevermind!
4. Anything is possible if ………………we just start.  Start doing whatever it is that needs to be done to accomplish the goal.

3 thoughts on “friendly fill-ins, June 6, 2018

  1. That’s wonderful your neighbors are helpful, nice, and friendly! I’ll bet that ironing board will come in handy, as there is always something you need to press when sewing. 🙂

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  2. I read this too quickly, and I thought it said your neighbours do everything from WASHING your cats when you go camping….. what great neighbours they must be!

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    1. well, if they want to wash them, it is okay by me! lol

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