FOWC : tropical and #WOTD: Mellifluous

FOWC with Fandango………… #word of the day from Cyranny

Two daily post words from two different people……..OH, WHAT SHALL I WRITE? Is there any way?

Any way at all to combine the the daily posts into one mellifluous work????

One that sings..instead of grumbles…a work of prose so sweet that it is tropical instead of ordinary?

Poetry perhaps? An ode to the light in Cyranny’s eyes around eight of the clock each night on her wanderings?

A limerick so funny that Fandango can not help but to rush off to rooms usually hidden from polite society? There to release the laughter and possible bodily fluids?

Nope, I doubt it can be done…so I shall not even attempt such an arduous task. Instead, my hidden thought shall remain so…………..


5 thoughts on “FOWC : tropical and #WOTD: Mellifluous

  1. “There to release the laughter and possible bodily fluids” So your saying I’m going to rush off to a hidden room to release bodily fluids? Whoa, you’re scaring the crap outta me!

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    1. i was thinking more the other effluent..but that works too! lol

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      1. What in the world might you be referring to? 🤔

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      2. don’t worry your head over it

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