it’s done…….

And I have everything I need at my fingertips.  yep, the craft center is complete!

I have seen two or three dozen craft/sewing in blogs, for sale in stores, and on pinterest where people created their own; and since I can’t afford to simply go buy whatever my little heart desires, I usually end up “making do” with something that is almost what i either want or need.

It’s taken a good six months, but I finally have everything I need in one space!  All for less than $100.00!

I started out with a curbside addition in the form of an old TV stand..added a filing cabinet (I already had this) a sheet of plywood (scrap and cost all of $5.00!) a three-bin system ($10.00) two wooden crafts shelf units (35.00), a 10 piece plastic shoe-box set for $8.00 and finally an ironing board for $11.00! The grand total is $69.00 and I am pleased as punch with it all!

The final touch was an ironing board.  Now, i already had a table top one,..but it was not adequate for the jobs I had to do nor was it stable, so it collapsed every time I used it.

I wanted a hanging board..but every single one I saw cost well over $200.00! Heck I can’t afford that! We have maybe (if we are lucky and the moon turns blue) ten bucks left over at the end of the month! So, I came up with an alternative.

I found a board online that hangs on a door and folds down…….no door in this room though…so now what?

I hung it on the wall!

I drilled five holes through the metal frame, found some ‘spacers” of 1/2 ” length and five 3 ” screws……Ten minutes later I had a hanging on the wall ironing board! I even found a small metal hook and screwed it into the frame on the backside so the iron stays upright and against the wall when not in use! WOOT!

Anyway, I am throwing in some pictures so you can see the unit before and after………granted, there is nothing elegant about this system, but it works for me.

7 thoughts on “it’s done…….

  1. It all looks fantastic! You’re so creative to put it all together just like you wanted. Yay for having your own space. 🙂

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    1. I LOVE it! Have already completed a dress today…and I just finished the space last night!

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  2. Wooohoo for Suze. Now I want to see some crafty stuff.

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  3. Oh, I just love the way you plunge ahead and do it, Suze!

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  4. Your craft centre looks neat and functional and I can’t wait to see the beautiful things that are going to be created in it.

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  5. You’re a star, brilliant work 🌹

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