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As previously planned, I have added a #WordoftheDay page in The Cove’s header. I’ll be linking everyday’s word, to provide an easy look over all the words prompts, since the beginning of this exciting challenge. I’d like to thank everyone who participated so far! It is a pleasure to see the links add up, day after […]

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3 thoughts on “reblog: Cyranny’s Cove

  1. Thank you, Madame Suze 🙂

    I am sorry for being so quiet, but I am always so happy to see your little green alien around, and I try to visit your blog as often as I can (which is not often, lately, but it is not because of a lack of interest…. I promise!)


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    1. real life has a nasty habit of interfering with blogs…

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      1. It does! Especially the “job” part of real life. It totally sucks 😛

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