WOTD: Crestfallen

This comes by way of a group of bloggers that came together to give us words to blog about…you can check them out (and their words) here


I am going to preface this by stating I hate and abhor negatively connotative words…yep, can not stand them.  I rarely will even attempt to blog about a word that is negative, and not much is MORE negative than this one.

Alternatives for this WOTD include : downcast, forlorn, despondent, depressed, care-worn,  disconsolate………..well, you get the general idea.

Instead…I’d rather let people know where the danged word came from…where it started……..and, I actually KNOW!

Crestfallen was used to describe horses that had become exhausted from battle..wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the 1500’s.  Horses carrying knights, especially ones fitted out with armour of their own wore a feather crest upon their heads..and while the battle raged foot soldiers could find their lord quite easily by looking at the horses heads for their particular crest.

Once a horse became exhausted though, they dropped their heads, and the lord became just anther dude hanging out in the middle of a battle carting around a lance or two.

The LAST thing knights wanted while bashing each other was for their horse to be unable to carry on…thus “crestfallen” horses were BAD.

And that is all I have to say about this icky word!


3 thoughts on “WOTD: Crestfallen

  1. Wow, ya learn something new every day!

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  2. One of my early girlfriends told me I left her crestfallen. Now I understand. She just didn’t want to “horse” around anymore….right?

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