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Introduce……….intrōdūcere to lead inside…it’s LATIN! Woot!

Once again I have a Latin word to muck about with, this time thanks to Kristian, Cyranny, Kate, Dee et al from the WordPress Wonderkids!  No, not really. Well, they all did decide to do a WOTD when WP dropped the ball, but no one calls them the WordPress Wonderkids…even though they probably should…call them that, I mean.

Okay, I can see I need to start over again.

Most people don’t think about where a word came from, or what its original meaning was…but I do. I love etymology.

I (for some odd reason) have to know where a word came from, how it was originally used, and how it managed to change so drastically for us to not even think about it today…and this one? well, let’s just say it has changed a GREAT DEAL since its inception…oh, that’s another one that has changed..and for a different post!

So, it is Latin.  It didn’t come into local usage until the middle ages, but wayyyyy back in the deeply dark ages of Roman rule, introducere meant

to place (members of a species of animal) in a new environment with the intention of producing a resident breeding population.

Now, I figure you are thinking cows, pigs, horses…possibly more exotic animals like monkeys or pandas, right?




It was specific terminology to the slave markets.

Yep, let’s breed that Visigoth with a Norseman and see what we get……..how about one of these lil people from Niger with an unruly Scot?

The desire was for a slave that looked good in a toga, was lively in bed, and actually followed orders without any argument.

How it went from a slave breeding program to saying how dee do, I haven’t a clue.

I bet it was when the word managed to make it’s way up to England that it happened. Those Brits have a marvelously dry sense of humor, and it sounds like a word they would appropriate.



4 thoughts on “WOTD : Introduce

  1. Brilliant. I loved the post. Firstly I would love to be called the WordPress Wonderkids, I am pleased to be one of them. Secondly, I never knew that about the word Introduce, I am glad it doesn’t mean the same anymore, or I would have offended many people by now.
    Thirdly as a Brit, I am very pleased to have our humour described as Dry. Mine is probably a bit wetter than most, but not enough to need an umbrella.
    Overall I enjoyed this post a lot. Thank you.

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    1. thanks so much for the chuckles! You, my dear, shall forever be known as a wonderkid!

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      1. I will have to have a t-shirt printed 🙂 Thank you.

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      2. be sure you post a picture! lol

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