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Ohhhh, that’s a pretty award!  Thanks Barbara over at teleportingWeena for the nomination! Never thought my silliness and rants would be considered “entertaining”…….but I ACCEPT! Yes, I do! I LOVE awards and nominations for awards. You made my day with this. (yes, I was quite busily ranting when I spotted the nomination. my readers bless you!)

Here are the rules/details:

  • Thank the person who nominated you to add the link to their blog
  • Add the rules so others can follow
  • Nominate people who you find fun, inspiring and entertaining!
  • Answer the same questions
  • Include the graphic in your post


Here are the questions!

Why did you start blogging in the first place?

What is your favourite book?

What do you dislike the most?

What is your favourite food at the mall?

What is your favourite pastime?

I began about twelve years ago….I’ve had four different blogs and this is it for me. The last one…the important one. The semi-rational one. It began as a sort of online diary for my sons. I’ve already printed up the prior three blogs (yep, every single post) and printed them up in a book. I figure the boys will eventually be asked by some child or grandchild about their family, and the daily stuff is right in a book for them to use.

I don’t have a favorite book…….well, okay if we go by categories, I do sort of have favorites. If I had to pull one out to share it would be a science fiction work by another blogger, Aidan J Reid….

The first of Aidan’s books that I read..and I have read it several times now. It’s available on Amazon as a paperback (which I own) and a download (which I also own)……go check it out.

My dislikes? Hooboy.  Okay the SHORT list:



Bible thumpers with no Christian Charity or love anywhere in them

Child abusers (that includes our US Government right now)


distracted drivers

the grass police (code enforcers who have no clue but will measure your lawn anyway)

people who say “ambull-ance” “liberry” and “irregardless” “yellow jaundice” (I just want to slap them)




Favorite pastime?  Oh gosh….camping.  Specifically camping with George, my best friends, and our four dogs.  Well I have two dogs and the besties have two dogs..we all claim each dog as our own. If I can’t go camping with them, then just hanging out with them counts as a fav.

Okay, I have to nominate peeps now…………and the Emmy goes to………..oops, wrong blog.

Non-Alcoholic Student (Robert)




9 thoughts on “Entertainer Blogger Award

  1. Thanks so much for playing along with the award questions! Love your answers! I really need to check out that book, as I do like Science Fiction. ..I agree with all your dislikes! That’s wonderful that you’ve printed out your earlier postings for your sons. … I like being surprised, and that’s what happens when I read what you’ve posted. Your blog is definitely not boring, and very much entertaining, whether you are blathering or ranting. I like it all! 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for the nomination



  3. Reblogged this on Its good to be crazy Sometimes and commented:
    Suze has nominated me for a reward thank you so much Suze

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  4. The grass police was a neighbor. When my lawnmower was broke and I fell behind on mowing a neighbor called on me. The city came and mowed and added a charge to my property taxes for mowing. it was over 100. smh

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    1. yea..annoying, isn’t it? I am sending bills to the city now whenever I weedwack the alley behind my property…I figure 600 bucks a pop will gain someone’s attention.

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  5. woohoo congrats! love your blog this is well deserved! xoxo

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