I can not stand the continual lies, distortions and made-up-on-the-moment statistics to justify the administration’s horrible policies! I was seriously thinking about throwing a brick at the poor television this afternoon listening to Sarah Huckabee Sanders just plain LIE about immigration laws!

Each and every day she stands in front of intelligent reporters and journalists and baldly LIES.

WHAT the Hell is wrong with her that she thinks this is normal behavior? WHAT THE HELL is wrong with the journalists that they don’t simply say “Why are you Lying?”

This afternoon, Ms Sanders was giving her statements to the press and baldly stated “the Democrats are refusing to change the law” when asked about the immigration policy of TRUMP demanding the separation of families at the border.

Sanders said “We have been asking for them to fix the loopholes and fix the system, but the Democrats refuse to meet with us”.  BULLSHIT!

There is NO immigration law that allows families to be separated. NONE. THERE IS a Presidential order to the DOJ that families be separated.

In actuality, the Child Status Protection Act of 2009 gives minor children the same protections as are given to their parents regardless of immigration status. Parents are not to be separated, therefore children are not to be removed from parental control.


I am so disgusted by the illegal, immoral behaviors of those “in charge”.

Why aren’t our senators and congressmen screaming about this violation of human rights? Why aren’t they screaming about the constant lying of the Administrative branch?

Where are their morals?

I no longer believe our governmental workers are working for the good of the country, but instead are following the nefarious trail of trump and his minions. The United States is dying, and it is speeding up on its way to its destruction.  And I have a fear that has insidiously worked its way into my every breath…that even if the Democrats take the House and Senate this November, it will be far too late for America.


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  1. Sadly exactly the same things are happening in politics here in the uk. The current conservative government is still, after eight years in power, trying to blame the previous administration or the EU for the country’s woes and the right wing press backs them up.

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    1. I sometimes wish I had the power to fix the government…but mostly I want to slap them all into next week!

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      1. Me too. Or emigrate to a country not run by self serving numpties. If there is such a thing.

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  2. Ok Suze. breathe, breathe, breathe. Om, Om, Om. Now, remember Cohen is about to turn on the shit fan, Trump will be in an orange jump suit pulling weeds from the flower beds at the federal pen by next year and America will have a Democrat President in 2020. OK, OK, I’ll stay away from the wacky weed and come back to reality. (just kidding, I don’t smoke. It’s bad for your health.)

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    1. I am SERIOUSLY considering some medicinal uses of wacky tobaccy…..OR slapping some Republican members of the house and senate (I KNOW where their offices are!).

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      1. Go with the wacky weed…….less jail time.

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      2. i know..but SO much less satisfaction. sigh

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  3. I agree with you. I’m so frustrated by this administration. It seems he thinks he is king and his cabinet are pawns. They act like his own personal puppets. Where is congress! Why aren’t they doing anything? It gets more discouraging every day.

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  4. Ok, just to be clear, my “like” is for your use of nefarious, not the rest of the post since I’m not gonna talk politics right now. 🙂

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    1. we, each of us, are entitled to our opinions, our likes, dislikes, and the expression or refusal to express them. I respect you whether or not you ever talk politics. 😀

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    Couldn’t have said it better than Suze did in this post.

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  6. When did morals and government become mutually exclusive?

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