civil (or not so civil) disobedience

Just a few notations for those who are sick and tired of the horror story that calls itself ‘the US Government” and have decided to “do something” about it.

Civil disobedience is breaking a small and totally useless law in order to make a point..or in order to change a specific law or regulation.

In the 60’s we had sit-ins…ya know. we would gather a large group of young people who wanted a change, then take over the floors and rugs in our elected officials offices until they

a. got so sick of us they had us dragged off to jail

2. did their jobs for a change or

3. gave us wonderful AP photo ops and the disobedience spread.

Or, we had large marches that disturbed traffic and/or city/county/state/federal government offices.

In the 70’s we had large walk-outs and protest marches.

In the 80’s…I admit I wasn’t paying attention. My entire focus for the first half was survival and the second half was learning how to be a “good Army wife”. (no, I never did learn)

I didn’t find myself protesting in the 90’s or 2000’s as I was busy counseling those who had royally screwed up and found themselves in courts.

In the 20-teens though I have found myself once again making posters and pickets, marching and shouting for change…and teaching the kids how to do it.

I have a few suggestions of what NOT to do if you wish to go home again after your day out being civilly disobedient….

  1. do NOT tell your sitting congressman that if he would just pull his head out of his ass for a moment and remember the lessons his parents tried to teach him, life would be less stressful!

2.  Congressmen have state police to kick old ladies out of their offices and threaten them with jail if they do not “respect” their persons

3. Do NOT tell the State Policemen or women that it is “impossible to respect a pimple on Trump’s ass”.

4. WHEN a State policeman or woman actually grabs your arm to escort you from a room, do NOT call them brown shirts. It is just rude and                     probably not very accurate, and only makes them hold you tighter…this leads to bruises.

Here are the things you should do……..(prevents the State Troupers from doing squat!)

  1. get a permit. It costs between 5 and 10 bucks at your local city hall.
  2. Pin the permit to your shirt or blouse…this way you have both hands free to move and hand out pamphlets explaining why the representative of whatever is a putz.
  3. go in numbers. it is harder to kick 15 old ladies out of a room than just one
  4. have a catchy statement…like “hell no, we won’t go”.. easier to remember when the idiot rep is trying to “be reasonable”
  5. keep a space available between protesters for people to walk through. You can not be arrested for blocking the walkways when people can actually walk by.
  6. call the local press BEFORE you arrive. Give them at least a half hour heads up that a picture and news op is coming.

Nothing worked this morning with Sen Inhofe…he’s a total prat in any event and we didn’t expect anything…but Sen Lankford listened, discussed his viewpoints and stated he will push for migrant children to NOT be separated from their parents. It is a start.

Good luck.

4 thoughts on “civil (or not so civil) disobedience

  1. You are an example to us all, Suze! Not to mention hilarious!

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    1. glad you got a laugh or two. My senators both hate to see me coming…lol


  2. Honestly, the DON’TS sure sounds far more interesting. I would love to leave a few colourful words behind but that will only make things worse 😉

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  3. Thanks for sharing…. My kids practiced civil disobedience while they were growing up (especially at Christmas time), didn’t have anything to do with government… 🙂

    “You are evidence of your mother’s strength, especially if you are a rebellious knucklehead and regardless she has always maintained her sanity.”
    ― Criss Jami,

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