yea..happy Father’s Day………..

It’s Father’s Day…one of two days in the US dedicated to family.  and yet.

Today, the INS is having “fun” separating families…….I call it “fun” because not a single solitary one of the employees has refused to do their job. Not a single one. They MUST be enjoying their work.

I wonder how many of them celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day……and yet.

Congressmen and senators………how many are celebrating today? How many are showing their own families how much they mean while turning a blind eye? How many?

How many of us blogging are simply bemoaning the fact that it is happening…and how many are trying to stop it?

I see people protesting in the streets on the news.

reuters photo

I have seen people at local offices of those who “represent” us………I have been one of those demanding change.

What will it take?  In 1938, German papers were calling for action against some of Adolph Hitler’s policies…until they were silenced early in 1939.  Called “false news” by the brown-shirted followers………

Why are we allowing history to repeat? Why are we allowing this travesty of morality?

How many father’s are now wondering where their children are, and if they will ever see them…HUG them…again?

How many children are terrified… many INS employees are speaking pidgen Spanish to children who speak PORTUGUESE? How many children are going to be housed in tent cities in a desert? How many parents are going to be imprisoned for wanting a better life? Did you all reading this even KNOW the parents have no rights because they are not citizens? NONE. They can be held behind bars forever if the government so speedy justice for them.

We are busily breaking international law by sending children away from their families..into what? prisons for kids? WHAT GIVES US THE RIGHT?

The far right has a plan in place to get their lily white America. First dehumanize..anyone brown skinned or speaking with an accent should be terrified right about now. Round up all brown skinned people…send their children away from them to further dehumanize them..take away the citizenship already given on any excuse……..lock them all up. Build a wall separating the WHITES from the BROWNS………they are “all drug dealers and murderers” after all….just ask our “leaders”..they will give it to you straight. No fake news from them.

You do realize, don’t you…that once they have taken away your rights as a citizen, they will be coming after you?

They have already gone after the followers of Islam…the Mexicans…the Blacks…the “different” people from the Middle East, Africa and Central and South America……you are next. Are you a white evangelical Christian?  NO? Are you an Atheist? A Catholic? A Bahai? Hindu? You are next.

Are you a Democrat?  An Independent? You are next.

Happy Father’s Day.  It could very easily be the last one where you have the right to hug your tuck him or her into bed kiss simply SEE them.


“There was more than a moiety of sadness, constantly increasing its measure.”

The Wild Huntress by Mayne Reid

8 thoughts on “yea..happy Father’s Day………..

  1. Ahh Suze. I’m speechless. DITTO. Reblogging this.

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  3. Suze, this is the very thing our pastor talked about in church today. While I don’t agree necessarily with how the government is handling it, their parents knowingly took the chance to come here illegally, so I guess we are just supposed to turn a blind eye? I mean, the law has been in place since 1997! Securing the borders is a tough job, I’m just glad we finally have a president with the guts to take it on.


    1. no honey, there is NO law that says take kids away from their parents. the detention of illegal entry is a FAMILY detention and always has been. The separation has been since Mr Trump and Mr Sessions came up with it as a presidential proposal that the justice department decided to implement when Mr Trump’s wall crashed and burned. Yes, we need changes to immigration law, but breaking International law and ignoring morality is not the way to do so.

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  4. Inhuman is the word that comes to mind, but is it accurate? So many inhuman things happening across the world, including my country, that I wonder if humanity is human at all, in the sense you mean. Good for you, Suze, that you stand up and fight for what’s right. Here, most of us do nothing even if we feel strongly about something, because the business of every day living is often so difficult. Struggle for your water supply, struggle with corrupt officials to pay your house tax, struggle with every little thing. No wonder we have no right left in us. And no wonder so many of us want to run away to America, where we aren’t welcome. It’s a mad old world.

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  5. its just horrible what was happening. I’m glad they are changing that policy now of separating children from their parents! that was needed!very needed!

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    1. the president’s order didn’t really change anything. they are simply keeping the kids with the parents until charges are pressed.

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      1. Oh it didn’t? I don’t know a lot about US politics, that’s awful though

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