5 facts…is THIS who we are?

I have engaged in conversation with my two senators from Oklahoma.  Specifically I wanted to see where they stood on the President’s directive to the Immigration and Naturalization Service about greeting asylum seekers at the Mexican/American border then arresting them and taking their children away while the parents are arrested for misdemeanors.

Senator Inhofe repeated Mr. Trump’s absolute lies that “the Law” says we can do it, and the “democrats’ passed this law but won’t change it. No amount of rational discussion changed his attitude that it was perfectly fine to split kids from their parents and then place them in foster homes….eventually.

Senator Lankford allowed that it “wasn’t really a law”, but instead came directly from the White House, but then tried to change the focus from the families to the Democrats being unwilling to engage in discussion.

I called Bullshit to both on their stances.  I can only assume that I was not arrested because I look like a little old lady. (which I am)

I demanded that both senators begin acting as if they remembered I was one of their bosses…I am, ya know….and said they were to represent ALL their constituents, not just the republican ones, and by damn we are for the most part disgusted with their refusal to consider negotiation and compromise when dealing with their fellow senators.

I asked BOTH senators who the people were that were being sent to prison at our border…Inhofe said something expedient and shoved us out of his office………Lankford at least had the balls to say “asylum seekers”


Not criminals, not rapists, not illegal aliens, not drug dealers…. ASYLUM SEEKERS.

People escaping their homes, their countries in order to LIVE.

And they come here………they are following the LAW when they enter.

Have you noticed in almost every picture of the families coming in, they are holding papers? THOSE are the application forms for Asylum.

The parents are lead to a room with a table and chairs so they can fill out the paperwork. the children are removed and sent to FREAKING CAGES.  Oh wait…according to INS those are NOT cages..just “walls built with chain link fence“. Yea, I had a wall in my backyard in Texas built with chain link fence. It was 6 x 8 feet and looked JUST like the INS walls..and when I bought it and had it installed I paid for a “DOG RUN”….but no, it isn’t a cage.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were going to try entering a country illegally, I sure wouldn’t use the border crossing gates. There are INS workers there. Border Patrol is there.  WHY would someone coming in ILLEGALLY go through a police station? Because that is what a Border Crossing IS. The people being separated are coming into this country LEGALLY. They are filling out forms. Then they are arrested for daring to think Lily-white Nationalistic America wants their kind here.

Beto O’Roarke, Senator Kennedy, Dr. Robert Fortuna,  Senator Ted Lieu, and so many others have gone to the various INS Border crossing stations…they have gone to the tent city (where they were denied entry)..they have been to the “units housing children”…old walmarts, etc..to see and hear the truth of the situation.

Their conclusions?  We are breaking International Law.  We are acting immorally, unethically and illegally. All the Republican obfuscation isn’t going to change fact. All the “blame the Democrats” doesn’t change the reality that we have a Republican president, a Republican house and a Republican Senate…who could stop this travesty with a single vote.  But they aren’t willing to do it. They would rather blame a political opponent than do the right thing…the human thing…the LEGAL thing.

Here are five FACTS. They have been proven. They can not be argued.  “ALTERNATIVE” facts will not make these truths go away. No matter how many preachers, teachers, legislators or Fox news anchors try to change it, these are the facts.

1. It is legal to seek asylum

2. No crimes are being committed by asylum seekers

3. Migrant parents seeking asylum are not criminals

4. Trump’s holding children hostage by his own choice and insanely blaming democrats

5. Trump’s policy is abusing human rights like the following:

  • Adolf Hitler. (German)
  • Joseph Stalin. (Russian)
  • Kim Jong-un. (Korean)
  • Bashar al-Assad. (Syrian)
  • Benito Mussolini. (Italian)
  • Mao Zedong. (Chinese)
  • Saddam Hussein. (Iraqi)
  • Muammar Gaddafi (Libyan)

Now, is THIS who we are?

20 thoughts on “5 facts…is THIS who we are?

  1. Unbelievable, unconscionable, and repugnant.

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  2. Reblogged this on This, That, and The Other and commented:
    Once again, Suze nails it


    1. thanks hun. I am so blasted angry over it all.

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      1. I just reblogged your post.

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  3. Thanks for sharing… yes, they are trying to use the laws, Bible, etc in an effort to protect an illusion, their “civilized image”… it is kind of like putting new siding on a old house, you still have an old house.. 🙂

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

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  4. I don’t know how you all stand it. Every time I see those poor children it makes me so angry, and it’s not even my country!

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    1. I am so beyond angry. I am blasted determined that this will cease! There are millions like me thank God who are speaking out, demanding it change.

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      1. Change can’t come soon enough!

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  5. Apparently it is what we are becoming and I just feel sick about it. Physically sick.

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    1. Marilyn, we MUST continue to speak out, to call our reps, to harass them with our anger and disgust until they make changes. We MUST get people out to vote this November. The only way we can make a huge change and bring back our National humanity is to vote the bastards OUT!


  6. Hugs to you–breathe deeply, and don’t ever die. Seriously–you gotta keep whipping those idiots into shape, be a thorn in their side. I smile every time I read about what you’re doing.
    I need to learn how to do more myself, and get a new job that doesn’t just have me worrying about how small my paycheck is –that’s always freed my brain and my hope before.

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    1. Tally..join an indivisible group. there are hundreds in Texas. They will quickly teach you how to help bring about change.

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      1. Maybe it’ll help me make friends while doing something good. Heaven knows I’ve been trying to find ways to meet new people and try things that don’t revolve around drinking (where I live is so dang boring, no wonder there are so many bars!)

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      2. lemme tell ya..you’ll have more fun with a political action committee than a bar. I know this for a fact! lol

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  7. Not who Americans are but who the current US government is! They just showed blatantly what they stand for. And they call themselves Christians? I doubt they get any credits from Jesus….

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  8. well said suze! well said! xx

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