Sometimes you just have to stop everything……….

and simply enjoy the little things. The things that you see, hear, smell or taste without too much thought.

Life is amazing, and we all spend far too much time focusing upon things we have absolutely no control over.

I took a break today.

No television news, no newspapers or online magazines. I spent the morning playing a game (building a farm on a facebook game…mindless and relaxing) , spent a few hours with my friend, then came home to discuss world issues with Sam (the six year old next door)

Sam graduated from kindergarten this year and has figured out that his teacher will be different for first grade. He was bemoaning the fact “I just gots the teacher trained and now I gots another one!”

I told Sam that he would have a different teacher for each year until he was in middle school, then he would have six or seven teachers from then on.

He looked at me as if I suddenly had sprouted a second head……….shook his own at me and said “Now Grandma Suze, I think yer exacerbating to me”.

Took me a few seconds to realize he meant exaggerating. yes, I can be dense at times.

We spent most of the afternoon in the backyard taking pictures. His photos and commentary follow………..

Sam: “See that?” I said “what?” Sam said “that is some deaded grass”
“That’s a stegaloptis bug” “A what?” I asked? “Stegaloptis bug! YOU KNOW!”
“Look Gramma Suze! The fence has dandruff!”
Sam: “see this? Know what this is? I betcha don’t know!” Me: What Sam?” Sam: “see. I told ya you wouldn’t know!”

Turns out it was dirt…Who would have ever guessed?

10 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to stop everything……….

  1. Y’all need to spend more time with Sam…….calms you down, Suze.

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  2. hahahaha! what a great kid! Glad you enjoyed the break!

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  3. Sounds like a lovely relaxing day, even with the spider.

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  4. sometimes switching off from technology and going outside is good for what ails you. Those photos and thoughts by a 6 year old are great

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  5. It’s good to view the world through the eyes of a child , especially if it’s Sam 😁

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  6. I have to also take breaks from technology and news or else I feel my head will explode! 😉

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  7. Farmville? I unwind all the time by playing farmville , it relaxes me and shuts my brain off

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    1. nope farmtown. I can’t stand the facial features of the animals on farmville. they creep me out! lol

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