Early voting is open in Oklahoma……….

And, even though it is “just” a primary doesn’t mean we can sit on our behinds staring at our computer screens all day long.

Get off those chairs and go vote!

The “real” primary date for us in this glorious state is June 26……….but early voting has already taken off.

This year we seem to have longer lines than even for the Presidential voting back in 2018………and I, for one, am thrilled!

This morning I spent time with my buddy Ang, then did the dad-gummed grocery shopping (Lord, I hate to grocery shop)…..but for several hours in late morning and early afternoon I was privileged to drive 35 people to the voting booths.

Yes, I said privileged……..for it is. There is honestly nothing more important when it comes to citizenship. I’ll be doing the same on Monday, and Tuesday.

granted, I don’t work…so I have the time to volunteer in this way. I have the time to take other old ladies to our Congressmen and senators offices…but I did the same thing when I held a full-time job.

It is all in where you place your priorities…….I made the time to transport voters. I made the time to speak with reps…….

What are you doing with your “spare’ time?


1 thought on “Early voting is open in Oklahoma……….

  1. good for you suze! I bet you enjoy volunteering! Voting is so important in any area. xo

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