I broke a fingernail!

Okay. I am now thoroughly and completely annoyed.

The a/c unit on the stupid, ignorant, moronic TRUCK isn’t working!

I’ve checked the fuses, changed two that were “iffy”,

checked the a/c compressor unit, checked the accumulator…see?

…the compresser is cycling off and on when the engine is engaged……….sigh

the belts are fine, the filter is fine, the condenser? who knows, I am NOT a mechanic after all!

Freon is topped off.

So, I suppose I have to take it into the real mechanic to see why the blasted thing doesn’t want to work! And……

I broke a fingernail popping the stupid hood!

Anyone out there know about a dodge a/c before I spend money I do not have taking it in to the shop?

9 thoughts on “I broke a fingernail!

  1. What, exactly, is your problem? Have you checked the thermostat?

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    1. no cold air coming from the vents…and only the top vent is working. I actually did check the thermostat! lol

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  2. I try to avoid looking under my car’s hood.

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    1. you are a smart man! George never looks. He leaves it all up to me. sigh

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  3. Don’t have an answer for your AC, but I know a great manicurist.

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  4. Sounds like you checked everything you should have, Google it!

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    1. i did..it said to do what I did…now what? danged mechanic I suppose.

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      1. I’m sorry, too bad George isn’t more mechanically inclined or doesn’t have a friend that is.

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  5. I don’t know about your car, mine has a little button on the dash that if not pressed, the A/C won’t cycle or work. It is separate from the actual heating/cooling unit that has the normal dials of function (i.e. thermostat knob and vent knob). It has a snowflake icon on it (how lame… lol) anyway my suggestion would be to first consult the owners manual for your vehicle. If you don’t have a manual, you can easily download one online.

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