Primary is done for me………

I voted. I even dragged George to the voting station and HE voted. Then I dragged another few groups to vote since they had no transportation.

So, we’re done with it in Oklahoma until November. Then it is back to toting peeps without cars, and voting again.

Being an Independent with Democratic leanings in a blood red state brings some interesting conversations…especially in a line of people waiting to vote.

I saw a few neighbors there, and shot the breeze with them for a few until one asked “so are you going to vote for so-and-so for governor?” And I said, “I’d really rather not discuss how I wish to vote”…and I heard “damned bleeding heart liberal I guess” come from someone behind me.

So (of course) I turned to see who it was………and found myself face-to-face with a local Baptist minister.  We have had words before.  I try to stay out of his sight since our last ‘discussion”. Yes, he is the one that took a Tim LeHaye fiction and blended it with Revelation to “recreate (his words) what’s gonna happen to all the evil people, such as democrats and Queers, when Jesus comes agin”.

(blog post about the twit here)

George just frowned at him and clenched his jaw…I said “well, good morning preacher! Sorry my vote will negate yours, but that’s life, huh?” I smiled and turned around. George asked if I was alright, and i grinned at him, winked and said “oh, I don’t have have a problem with people who have mystical thinking honey. I just feel sorry for them.”

Of course, Baptist preacherman was annoyed by my comment and started to sputter behind me. Upon being splatted by spittle from an erupting lunatic, I turned and asked “are you alright? You look about to stroke out. Maybe a glass of water would help?”

By then it was my turn at the table to show my registration and id, and sign into the voting register. As I was signing my name Preacher spittoon, while seeming to calm a bit from his pre-stroke condition, said to the voting registrar..”you shouldn’t let people like her vote!” and pointed to me.

The registrar just looked like he was nuts, and I turned and said “well, isn’t it a good thing that I have a constitutional right to vote? Have a good day”

As I was turning in my votes, I noticed a couple of Enid’s finest at the door and thought “oh well, it was a good run until now” thinking it was me they were called out for………..turns out the preacher was escorted out for creating a disturbance.  I had to pass by the police and the preacher to get out of the building and overheard one say to the preacher “Well, Isn’t it a good thing it isn’t up to you who gets to vote!”

Times, they may be a changing……………


14 thoughts on “Primary is done for me………

  1. Hope they took him out before HE got to vote. That’d be poetic justice. 😃

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  2. Great story, Suze. I get really steamed when stupid people say stupider things. (stupider? why not, I like it.)

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    1. I personally LIKE the word “stupider”…

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      1. That’s because we are both super intelligent…ier?

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  3. I am sure that a man who ran through the holy land with eleven or twelve men around him has no problem with queers when he’ll come back. I suspect preacherman might get a surprise when he’ll get thrown out of his job by Jesus… Sorry just saying 🙃


  4. Wow, and some people want to say that liberals are intolerant.

    The thing about democracies is there needs to be a choice and people should be free to vote however they want. In a best-case scenario, we would have great candidates up and down the ballot, voters would be well-informed, and every American of voting age would be able to vote unimpeded.

    That preacher you mentioned is one person who doesn’t really respect democracy. He just wants compliance and he is intolerant of opposing views. It’s scary that he’s supposed to be in charge of people’s souls with that way of thinking.

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    1. I know. he actually scares me a bit. For someone supposedly following in the footsteps of Christ he sure has an Old Testament mentality.

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  5. Good for them for escorting his sorry ass out!

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  6. As a Baptist I am appalled by his behavior. How dare he claim to preach the word and act like a Pharisee!

    I’m so glad you voted!

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    1. I was a member of the Free Will Baptist church for about ten years and NEVER heard anyone say the things this guy does. There’s always a rotten apple in the barrel though and he is it.

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  7. wow the only excitement we have at the polling booths is when Clive Palmer shows up in person [a fake politician] in the wrong electorate and starts intimidating voters …. so long as he is x metres away from the booth it’s allowed 😦

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    1. I have been known to call the state troupers on pols hanging out at the polls……….lol

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      1. this guy has raped and pillaged his own state but wanting to return and do it on a national scale … sheeple will probably let him 😦

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