Oklahoma update, post primary

Well, I feel as if I actually helped accomplish something…Democrats voting in Oklahoma went up by 127% since the last elections, and Independent voting went up by 211%.  Seems actually getting out and giving rides to people helps the democratic process.

In just our local races in 2014, we had one democratic candidate for 16 positions on the ballet, and 2 libertarians for those same 16 spots.  We had 52 candidates from the republican side.

THIS time, we had at least one democratic candidate and one libertarian for each position and a couple did not have a republican candidate at all.

Grass Roots efforts WORK.

If you want to bring about change, get involved. Don’t just whing on about things, but get up and actually work for what you want.

We also passed a medical marijuana law……….it’s about damned time.

Yes, I was a drug counselor. YES, I KNOW all the supposed reasons to be against its use. 90% of the “negatives” are simply not so. The only true negative I absolutely know (as a former drug counselor) is that you can go to jail for a long damned time if you have no script for it.

(I can hear other counselors screaming at me to shut up)

BUT, it has been proven to help people with specific conditions, both in mental health and physical health.

Whatever your position on the use of marijuana for medical treatments, there are a multitude of studies that show it does decrease anxiety, is a calming agent, reduces the need for opiates in chronic pain cases, reduces glaucoma, reduces nausea in cancer patients and encourages appetite…it reduces muscle spasms, encourages cell regrowth, and fights cancer cell growth….the list goes on and on.

There are problems with it though.   Regular users tend to develop chronic bronchitis. And pregnant women who smoke tend to have smaller birth weight children. The same can be said for smoking tobacco.




5 thoughts on “Oklahoma update, post primary

  1. Wonderful on each and every item presented. I commend you on your contributions to help bring about change. 🙂

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  2. Yay for positive signs of change in a Red State!

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  3. I commend you, my friend. RAH, RAH. RAH! Trump Republicans take heed. Your days are numbered. The big blue wave is coming and Suze is riding the surf.

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    1. just hope this danged bikini stays put! roflmao!

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      1. Hmmmm, maybe we ought to put you in a kayak.

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