On this fourth

I can’t help thinking about other fourths.  Some celebrated at home, others in a foreign country.

We that call America home learned in grade school about the fight of colonials with the British soldiers sent by King George to try and make us behave and pay our taxes. We were stubborn children though and refused to do it. We wanted to be represented individually if we had to pay taxes.

Then came bloody battles, and an eventual “liberty”. Then came the hard part. How to figure out how to KEEP our liberty.

Our forebears created laws that they thought were fair, and codified them into our Constitution. Then they figured, “oh crap, we forgot about….whatever” and created several amendments.  Through the years we have written more amendments.

We , all of us that love our country, honor and believe in our Constitution. We are willing to fight to preserve it.

Since our last presidential election (with all its input from Russians) our constitution has been under fire. Our “rights” are being whittled away. We are collectively afraid for the future. And our Congress has lost their focus.  They are complicit in the systematic destruction of our rights.

We have an amoral Narcissist of a leader who has sucked almost an entire political party into his madness. Our Liberty is threatened.

The first Amendment is under attack on a daily basis…so is the fourth, the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth.  8 out of ten.  Our Bill of Rights. In less than a year under this government, our rule of law was turned sideways and is consistently being whittled away.

Freedom is never free.  Those colonials back in the late 1700’s knew it and fought.  We need to know it as well and prepare ourselves for a fight.

We, as a people, must protest.  We must vote. We must be prepared to stand up to authoritarianism if the country is to survive.




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  1. America is under attack as are other democracies globally. News item in today’s paper tells of Poland’s fight. The newly elected administration is trying to dismantle their Supreme Court. And as we lament, the POTUS is preparing to go to Helsinki to lick Putin’s boots. What will he give away this time?

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