Where did she go, George?


I haven’t been around much lately, and if anyone noticed I want to apologize for leaving you with nothing to read.  (sure Suze….)

It sometimes becomes necessary for bloggers to veg out..go on hiatus..leave for a bit…in order to find their own internal connections or to recharge.

That isn’t what I did.

Nope, I simply got busy doing things I had put off for too long…like work on the weed whacker that George couldn’t fix..or clean the house top to bottom..or actually get caught up on dishes and clothing that needed washing. I also painted the dining room which entailed washing walls first, moving far too many pieces of furniture by myself, and only once having to clean paint off the floor from having stepped into the paint can.

I also mended four shirts of George’s, made two sun dresses and a lounger for me….put together a quilt top for a dog bed (yes, I did say dog bed)………put up six jars of pickles (cucumber, not watermelon as I can’t find one with a thick enough rind, dad gum it!).

I also had to turn off the television with its incessant news cycles…….I can only take so much crap from the cheeto-in-chief before I want to shoot things……..and I figured I really did need to give the senate and house a chance to follow orders, so I simply stopped for a week or two.

It has been a really good mini-vacation, and I feel ready to get back into the harassment of congressmen and women again. The television is on again and tuned into MSNBC……

Hopefully, this week will bring back the scintillating wit of Suze…or at the very least a ridiculous post or two.


14 thoughts on “Where did she go, George?

  1. Good to see you back Suze, although I would need a looonnnggggg vacation after doing all what you have done 😉

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  2. Welcome back and no need to apologize for living life… one shouldn’t let technology dictate ones destiny, instead use it when needed… here the tv is only on a few hours in the evening, I do not carry my phone around and I pop into the PC two or three times a day for a short time… right now I am trying to out smart a tomato destroying rodent… 🙂

    Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better
    to paint a picture, or write a letter,
    bake a cake, or plant a seed.
    Ponder the difference between want and need.

    Dust if you must, but there is not much time,
    with rivers to swim and mountains to climb!
    Music to hear, and books to read,
    friends to cherish and life to lead.

    Dust if you must, but the world’s out there
    with the sun in your eyes, the wind in your hair,
    a flutter of snow, a shower of rain,
    this day will not come round again.

    Dust if you must, but bear in mind,
    old age will come and it’s not kind.
    And when you go, and go you must,
    you, yourself, will make more dust!

    ~ Author Unknown ~

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    1. i don’t dust….rofl…..and believe me when I say, old age ain’t for sissies! I was doing laundry this morning and thought…”gee, I bet I could install a point of service/tankless water heater..get rid of this ugly old tank and rebuild this room for a laundry center”….yes, I am insane. I figure it will take me two days to “uninstall” the tank…it is after all full of water……then a day to install a small hanging off the wall tankless one…..George came in and said “I don’t know what you are thinking, but I hate that look on your face……..I don’t want to know!” I can see future blog posts on “how to NOT uninstall a water tank”……..lol

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      1. Yes, growing old is not for the feint of heart… 🙂 I suspect you are a lot like me in that you have been known to sail against the wind, row against the current and rarely turn down a challenge so I will be looking for posts about water heaters… 🙂

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  3. You haven’t missed much here in blogosphere. It’s been quiet……well, except for the ego rallies, the N Koreans reneging, Putin, the babies, SCOTUS, Pruitt, Pruitt’s replacement, new lawyers for Cohen, blah, blah, blah. Welcome back to the funny farm

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    1. yea..I knew about Pruitt..hard NOT to know when he got a hero’s welcome from our IDIOT GOVERNOR………….gawd!

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  4. Good to have you back.

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  5. Wow, you’ve been busy! Hope it relieved your stress level a bit getting caught up. Now you can relax and write!

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    1. HA!……..I am now planning on replacing the water heater and rebuilding the laundry room! lol

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      1. Before and after pics of the laundry room, please!

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      2. yes ma’am………….it’s AWFUL now. lol

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  6. Don’t worry. I feel awful about not posting that regularly but it’s either been a combination of business demotivation or both!

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    1. but sweetie, when YOU write it is always worth reading! lol

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  7. wow you got so much done! I would be exhausted. Ha I’ve stepped in the paint pan before!

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