Suze is renovating again……………

Oh not myself…no, it’s the ………..LAUNDRY ROOM!

Yep, today is destructo day in the hot mess where I attempt to keep our clothes clean….and it is all that blasted water heater’s fault.

Yesterday I thought I might have two or three days leeway before the inevitable flooding from the “leak” in it’s base…today upon taking a shower, the “leak” became a “small flood”.

The frustrating part about finding a flood after taking a shower is that once the flood is cleaned up you once again need a shower but NOW there is no hot water…unless one heats some on a stove….and even though I like doing old fashioned things, I have to draw the line at heating up gallons of water on a stove to take a bath! I am just not going there.

So, first things first. I cleaned the floor……..and turned OFF the gas to the heater. (See, I CAN remember to turn stuff off)

Then I drained the water heater out the back door…thank goodness it is only four feet away! There is now Lake Hartline at the back door, but the heater is empty.

Next, I figured before I moved the washing machine out into the kitchen I should take down a cabinet.

See that cabinet above the washer? Yea, THAT one had to come down. So, first, I emptied it and found a new home for all the crap that has been shoved into it for the past four years. I managed to throw away a LOT of stuff that George had been “saving” just in case we ever needed it….

George can be a bit….well….crazy when it comes to throwing stuff away. I have zero problem throwing away his stuff, and took advantage of the fact that he wasn’t home to do so. I mean, do we seriously NEED seven of the tiniest cans of WD-40 that are all rusted on the bottom? After throwing away all the crap, I checked how it was attached and found nails.  Instead of using screws, the former idiot homeowners had used roofing nails and deck nails to attach the blasted thing to the wall….I grabbed a hammer and started yanking out the blasted nails.

I pulled ALL of them before the thought occurred to me that the cab might fall off the wall once the last one was out….right as I was pulling the last nail out. Luck was with me though. The cabinet was also GLUED to the wall.


So it was go find a pry bar to get the damned thing down….except I don’t own a pry bar.

So I used a carpet puller instead. 

Hey, it worked. See?

Now, I just have to figure out how to get the cabinet outside…… I’m going to either have to wait for George to come home from work and get his help (oh lordie, I hope not) or find the kid next door.

More to come………….



11 thoughts on “Suze is renovating again……………

  1. Get Sam! That will be even more fun for your audience!

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    1. unfortunately, little mister Sam is visiting his “mean granny” in Santa Fe, NM and thus is not available for comment. I am saving the cabinet though for his suggestions on where to put it/what to do with it for when he gets home again.


  2. Suze, I’ll be right over….put on some coffee. (How far is Enid from Florida?)

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    1. it’s either 1786 miles, or 473 bazillion miles…i forget which one. LOL Coffee is ready by the way.

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  3. I was hoping you’d say you found something interesting hidden behind that cabinet…oh say…a million dollars maybe?
    Oh well, good job of getting it down, and now, on to the next step in the renovations. 🙂

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  4. You are a one-hit wonder, Suze! And a hoot to boot. I hope you find help before George comes home so you don’t have to lose that all-important momentum you have going right now. Good luck with the renovations!

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  5. Breathing Deeply July 9, 2018 — 1:26 pm

    You are so amazing Suze. You tackle stuff that I would never attempt. You are a carpenter, plumber and a professional redecorator/organizer. Could you come to my house please? (after your sort out all you’ve got going on there first of course!) LOL

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    1. well sure…but I tend to use crazy colors and odd materials in my “renos”…………lol
      Just how eclectic are you? HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM???????

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      1. Breathing Deeply July 10, 2018 — 5:53 am

        lol… repurposed materials…and colors!

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      2. get the dr pepper out, I am coming over! LOL………now, where do you live again? ;P


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