abundantly mean

abundant  and mean ???? oh dear.  here we go, combining two completely different challenges yet again.

How about I just show you what I have been doing instead?

sponge painting the buffet
first colors going on…yes, I have 25 different colors to go.


George came in and asked “Honey, Did you Mean to do this?”

I looked up and said “do what?”

He replied:  “THIS! This mess on the side of the buffet!”

I said “And whose buffet IS IT ?” “AND WHO can do whatever she wants with HER OWN STUFF?”

He hemmed and hawed for just a moment or two and said “it’s going to be wierd”.

I said “That surprises you HOW exactly?”

He replied: “Never mind. You have made it abundantly clear that you like eclectic crap…and I guess that will qualify”


Now, just in case ya’ll think (as does George) that I have gone a little off-kilter…it will eventually look similar to ………………………


12 thoughts on “abundantly mean

  1. When you get finished it will look awesome! 🙂

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    1. I hope so..it will at least be my “take” on the one in the picture……

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      1. It reminds me of tie dye, which of course I love! Show us a picture of yours when it’s done, okay! 🙂

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  2. Ooooooh, it’s……….colorful

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    1. i SEE those eyes rolling young man! LOL

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  3. That does look nice and colourful. 🙂


  4. Suze, you have the most fun of anyone I know!

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  5. Wow, loving that 😃

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  6. awesome! enjoy it! xxx


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