more bad poetry…………….

Fandango and the team at weeklyprompts have been supplying us all with words that are hopefully prompting our writing into the hemisphere…or at the very least giving us something to think about before we ignore them.

Fan came up with accomplice for today’s prompt and the team has subliminal….hoo boy.

Well this will either be wonderful or…………….well, just something to waste some time over.

There’s nothing subliminal about the message of Trump

his hatred and stupidity fly

in the face of the people who wonder, then cry

what did we do to deserve such a fate?

Insurance is dying, jobs disappear

children are kidnapped..those we hold dear;

Russians are planning our destruction this year.

Congress will save us , the law of the land

forget it, we cry, their heads are in sand

Reps violate their oaths  the Constitution be damned.

Accomplices are given cush offices we hear.

The budget is imploding, taxes raised on the poor.

while Congress grows fat on the spoor

of a country they profess to adore.

All of this thanks to the promises of Trump.

9 thoughts on “more bad poetry…………….

  1. DUMP TRUMP, DUMP TRUMP. DUMP TRUMP, dumpdadeetrump, trumpthedump, trumptothedump, (sorry, just woke up, haven’t had my meds yet)

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    1. no worries…………lol

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  2. I know this is completely off the subject but…how do you get your words to turn purple?

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    1. up at the top of the WP editor is a font…big A with an underscore. It is a bunch of colors you can choose for your fonts

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      1. Thank you, I’ll have to check that out!

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  3. And we have got him here now! 😳😬

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    1. on behalf of all thinking and compassionate Americans, I wish to humbly apologize. …and encourage you all to PLEASE PLEASE fly the Baby Trump Balloon wherever he goes!

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    1. really? wow…thank you!


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