My inner hippy chick is coming out! (update)

I finally decided on how to decorate the buffet in the dining room.

At first I wanted a sort of Old German look, complete with those barn signs………….then it was a ‘retro” 1920’s look with all soft pastels and lots of lace.

Well neither one of those would go with my crazy house………..then I thought I could just copy this one I found on a pinterest page..

I started out by taking the doors and the drawer out of the buffet………then I went a little crazy.

I still have the top of the cab and the sides to do, but I thought I’d let everyone see what i have done so far.

I’m really proud of the way the doors turned out., and am thinking I need to bring the same colors from the top of the doors up on the sides of the base.

What do you think? leave it alone or start going nutso with it?

Okay…….I have a few more pictures since I have been playing with the cab some more this afternoon..sorry about the fuzzy ones. It is difficult to take a picture while giggling from a danged kitten crawling up under one’s shirt!


24 thoughts on “My inner hippy chick is coming out! (update)

  1. I vote nutso! Why the hell not? πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. yep..i tend to go for nutso….lol

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  2. Very artistic. Did you paint those doors? I’m so impressed.

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    1. yep….i tried to copy a Claude Monet painting…

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      1. Wow, just wow! Do you do all the artwork for your walls then? You’ve got the talent for it.

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      2. nope. I can’t paint on canvas to save my soul. RoseElaine in England did the canvases I have. She has a bog here. check her art out. she has hand painted and digital canvases online.

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  3. This is only a suggestion: I love the doors so much, I would use the green or the blue from the rest of the buffet and paint over what you have there, leaving the doors alone of course. Just my thought, do with it what you will. πŸ™‚

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  4. Why change, go nuts πŸ™„πŸ˜‰

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  5. Suze, go for it. Make George crazy. Love the doors, I would want them to stand alone as the focus of your creativity….but I’m just an old hippy who spent too much time in la-la land.

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    1. I tried them as stand alone….and then sort of thought..just a tiny bit of color somewhere else…..sigh… I don’t do a tiny bit of anything.

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      1. Well Suze, that’s who we are. Never did anything half-way.

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      2. yup…I shoulda had HALF that sloe gin fizz (or seven)..then I mighta missed driving my car into that big river in Memphis….just a thought

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      3. Yeah, well at least you got to see the Pyramid…..didn’t you?

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      4. yes I did….and Herod’s palace…and I rode in a felluca on the Nile…and I rode a camel across the Sinai desert…and I visited Capernaum………..LOL

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  6. I prefer your design. It’s really beautiful!

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  7. Soooo pretty! Love how you did the doors! I like how the frames look like it’s a part of the door painting, reflecting the sky, water, and greenery. πŸ™‚

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    1. oh THANK YOU Barbara! I rarely paint, but when I do I really want whatever it is to look like someone knew what they were doing. I don’t always achieve that.

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      1. At first (until I read your comment about painting the doors yourself) I thought maybe you had decopaged a print of a painting onto the doors. For real, you’ve done amazing work on these! πŸ™‚

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      2. i did use oils instead of acrylics..I wanted the colors to shine. Used acrylics on the remainder as I have a ton more of them…


  8. You know I love those doors! The more “out there,” the better!

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