I think I may be done…..

I have to think about it for a while…maybe give it a day or so, but……………

I think it is done.

now I just need to find antique glass knobs to finish it off….and so I can actually open the doors and drawer!

12 thoughts on “I think I may be done…..

  1. Amazing job, Suze!! Love the bright colors! xx

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  2. Very pretty. Good job!

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  3. Looks terrific! So bright and colourful 🤗

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  4. You are one talented lady, Suze. That water heater and this beautiful piece of furniture – wow!

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  5. That looks brilliant, see you can paint 🎨 😉

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    1. yea…on furniture it always comes out nice…on canvas? It looks like a monkey did it………….sigh

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  6. Good work!!… is George and the neighbor boy dealing with the water heater or are you multi-tasking?….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. George doing the water heater/ UMMMMMMM, NO. not only no, but heck no. The man has no clue when it comes to household repairs. The neighbor boy took the old one to the dump for me. I couldn’t physically move it. I installed that sucker.


  7. Love the whole thing! Outstanding! 🙂

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  8. Beautiful! Good for you!

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