TADA! Water heater replacement!

After a week of no hot water (due to the flood of epic proportions earlier in the week) the new tankless heater was in and available for me to pick up.

Installation wasn’t actually difficult at all.

The Hard Part was the new exhaust going through the roof. I hate climbing into the attic. There are creepy crawly things hanging out up there just waiting for this poor old lady to show her face…….

Back to the heater.

Getting the old one out was a matter of turning off the water and gas, unhooking the pipes, cutting off other pipes..cutting off the vent and dragging that sucker out of my house. (that’s where Michael comes in..lovely young man that hangs around to see what new project I am about to mess up).

draining. the gas is unhooked (yellow piping)


You wouldn’t believe the dreck I swept and scraped up off the floor from under that sucker.

Once it was out, the frame was screwed onto the wall and the heater unit slid right down onto the frame and was screwed in at the base.

I had to cut off the inflow pipes after taking out the old heater….

Then I added the super-duper cool valves………

I love those valves! So Sci-Fi!

Then it was add in the new pipes that take the water to and from the heater……..


Then I rebuilt the drain pipes so that the washer and the heater both drain in the same space…. Rube Goldberg anyone? LOL

I plugged it is, turned on the gas and water, and tested it………………and nearly burned my fingers! It Works! WOOT!

Now all I need to do is put in a piece of 3/4 ply on the floor to even it out then the washer can be shoved back into the corner.

On the scale of “is this a project anyone can do”, I’d say it is NOT. You are going to need assistance dragging the old heater out. Everything else is easy if you have any plumbing experience at all.


16 thoughts on “TADA! Water heater replacement!

  1. Did you have to solder pipes?

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    1. nope. I hate soldering…besides codes have changed in town and all plumbing must be pvc piping.

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  2. I love that you did this yourself. I just bought a house that needs a lot of work. I am planning on doing all of the work myself as I cannot afford to hire it out. Believe it or not, I am super comfortable working with electric, but plumbing scares me. lol I am currently researching how to do plumbing and hopefully after this research I will be able to complete the projects. Good for you!!

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    1. the BEST book I ever found for plumbing was a reader’s digest “everything about plumbing”…..you can probably find on in a library or online to download.

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  3. You are a bad-ass! I’m super impressed! πŸ™‚

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  4. Wonder Woman springs to mind. Well done Susan xx

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    1. thanks Rose……..I had to learn to fix things myself while George was deployed. There is no feeling like knowing how to fix things…especially when you have a neighbor who is a throw back to cave men that says “women don’t know how to do….whatever”

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      1. Girl power πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

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  5. Quite impressive. I knew you are a DIY sort, but this was quite the project.

    P.S., love the Red Sox towel.

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    1. yea, that poor towel has been through water heater replacement, oil changes in the truck and a transmission rebuild on my old chevy…….

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  6. I just read your other post and commented on that one before I read this one… πŸ™‚

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    1. that works………….lol


  7. I’m impressed.

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    1. it wasn’t as hard as it looked. I impressed myself! lol


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