witch hunt

After watching the televised interrogation of FBI agent Strzok yesterday, I agree with President Trump.  There IS a witch hunt.

Except……..the hunters are the United States House of representatives and Congress!

What an utter farce those “hearings” turned out to be. Partisan politics at its rampant worst!

I was simply embarrassed for my country yesterday.


6 thoughts on “witch hunt

  1. I’ve been embarrassed for my country since November of 2016. 😠

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  2. Strzok was stellar. Gowdy and Gohmert showed the country what needs to be excised from Congress.

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  3. It is quite interesting how Mr T and his consorts blame everything they do on others. According to him Germany is so dependent on Russia, for example. To me it looks more like that’s his rise to president might be depending on Russia.
    Also I wonder what he would say if T. May would tell him how to govern his country… But what do I know…..

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  4. We don’t deserve anyone so principled as Peter Strzok. To watch the whole hearing was to see a hostile, apoplectic GOP kangaroo court go completely off the rails when the object of their hatred refuses to back down.

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    1. I just wonder when they all decided that “conservative” equals “I hate Democrats and Liberals”………

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      1. *I* never decided that, but since that’s what’s its become, I don’t call myself conservative anymore. My principles haven’t changed, but theirs sure have!

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