re-evaluating, or possibly just taking a left turn

I haven’t written anything for a while…I took a week or so “off” and was diligently working on getting my idiot congressmen to pull their heads out of their asses…as well as working on updating and upgrading mechanical crap in the house.

I realized that while I miss the writing and I missed the commentaries and discussions, I did NOT miss the angst and anxiety that inevitably comes with my politicized posts of the past year and a half.

Like Larry of Gabby’s Place and Quest; like so many others that have been appalled by our government (or lack thereof) I have burned myself out on that platform and am looking towards a different path… Bugs Bunny says “I shoulda turned left at Albuquerque”

I don’t yet know where Suziland will float off to…yes, that was a dangling participial, sue me….but somewhere other than politics will serve nicely.

As for the last week…

I have been installing a water heater….

rebuilt the laundry room, leveled the floors and decorated the laundry room.

It’s all done with refurbished, recycled stuff so don’t expect a glamour shot of a room.  It functions well for the first time in my over five years in this house and that is good enough for me.

I finished my dish cabinet in the sponge painting and “impressionist” painting and am in love with the thing now. I know I shouldn’t be bragging on it, but it IS without DOUBT the VERY BEST THING I HAVE EVER DECORATED.

It does indeed deserve all those caps.

And now I am considering painting an old desk i inherited from my Mother…it is a decent antique…and I know that painting it reduces the value…but I have no kids interested in inheriting it and who cares what i do with the danged thing except me anyway? So, I am considering doing it.

It may take ten years to decide…………but I have time.



12 thoughts on “re-evaluating, or possibly just taking a left turn

  1. You go Girl….

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  2. You have done a great job, start on that desk now 😊😉

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  3. You got a lot accomplished. As you said, the burden is 100 times lighter and I’m still staying atop the trump debacle. Thanks for the advice.

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  4. I love the finished product, glad you didn’t take my advice, lol! 🙂

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  5. “angst and anxiety that inevitably comes with my politicized posts.” Yes, I can definitely relate to that. I miss the good old days when my posts were more light and airy and less anxiety-generating and blood pressure-raising than many of them have been lately. Hang in there, Suze.

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    1. I am sure that my anger will take over at some point and the political shall once again blast out over the bloggosphere………….I’m just hoping for a brief respite. lol

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      1. I ought to take one too…a brief respite, that is. Either that or a marijuana cookie.

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  6. Great work and thanks for sharing!!… 🙂

    “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  7. Your dish cabinet is truly phenomenal.
    As for taking a left turn:
    I have political opinions as well. However, I can discuss this enough face to face with people in the outer world. I choose to steer clear from politics on here. Not because I’m a coward and afraid to express/ defend my views, but because I do not need any added stress of playing tug of war with people, whose primary focus is writing.

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    1. honey, I adore your blog exactly the way it is.

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