Sam the art critic

Sam is back from his mini-vacation.  The first thing he did (after lunch of course) was to bounce over here to give me a hug and share some of his “vallibul time” with his Gramma Suze.

Sam is excited about going into the first grade. He said “I am ready for whatever that teacher throws me”……..which (of course) made me giggle. Sam has a way of making each encounter one filled with mirth. He is a six year old seemingly going on age 44……I never know what he is going to say or do and it inevitably promotes extreme laughter on my part when listening to him.

Today, Sam noticed my china cupboard that I had painted.  He stopped mid-sentence and simply gaped at it for a minute…..then walked around it checking out all the colors in the “design”.  He turned to me and said “It’s a Money, isn’t it?”.

Now, I simply sat there for a moment wondering what he was talking about when he piped up with “My mean gramma took Braalie and me to a art musilum and I saw a Money there. it looks the same. Did Money paint this too?”

I asked “Sam? Do you mean Monet?”  He just looked at me as if I was the dumbest Gramma on the planet then said “well of course I did”…….once again I was rolling with laughter.

I told him “no, I painted that.  Do you like it?”

Sam looked it over for another few minutes then said “I think you need more green in it”. I agreed with him and got him a cookie.

As Sam was munching on his cookie, he looked around the house and spied the water heater…………and turned and asked “what is THAT thing on the wall?”

I told him it was our new water heater. Sam decided it looked like a space water heater……one that came from outer space once I got him to elaborate.

Then he was back to telling me about the Musilum…….turns out it was the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts and his mean gramma had to pay lots and lots of quarters into a parking machine in order for them to go inside.  He said “Mean Gramma used so many quarters she couldn’t do the laundry so I gots to wear my shorts for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!” He was quite impressed that when he took them off on day five, “they stood up all by themselves!”

Sam then told me about all the “ugly pitchers” in the “Musilum”…most of them were “nekkid peoples that had legs coming out of their heads! Those arbists were so dumb!” I admitted that I didn’t like that kind of art either.

The highlight of the “Musilum” trip was seeing a “van gopher”…….”it was all crazy sunflowers”………..

After Sam left, I started thinking about that “van gopher’…… Van Gogh lived with such pain and melancholy yet came up with the most glorious paintings imaginable.

And, now, after pondering the life and work of Van Gogh, I am thinking my silly antique desk might look really good with sunflowers painted on it. I should ask Sam what he thinks next time he comes over.




written for today’s word challenges: Mirth and melancholy

5 thoughts on “Sam the art critic

  1. I love sunflowers. Do it! Maybe Sam could help?

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  2. Sunflowers look good any and everywhere! Go for it Suze 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. That would be a great idea as long as you put some more green in 😊👍

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  4. What a delightful young man is your Sam!!!

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  5. Great idea, love Sam 🌹

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