no, I am not going to start singing old Beatle’s songs….although.

Nope, not going there. you are welcome.

Yesterday, George and I bug bombed the house.  I covered everything that could be covered, put all foods away, swept the floors, stuck the cats all outside (yes, they had water), threw both dogs into the truck and bombed the heck out of the house.

We spent a wonderful three hours with Angie and family, then came home to Armageddon! Well, maybe not exactly Armageddon, but there were bazillions of dead bodies on the floors when we opened up the house again.

After gagging for a bit, I managed to clear the house of dead bug bodies, then mopped all the floors, vaccuumed all the carpets, washed down cabs and counter-tops, did five loads of laundry (throw rugs included).

Bombing for bugs is something those of us who live in the mid-west (and the South) do regularly.  If we didn’t, our homes would be overrun with cockroaches, ants, scorpions, etc.. It isn’t a pleasant task, but one that is absolutely imperative for those of us who like to live in clean places.

So, today, I am recovering from all the excess energy I had to use yesterday in just cleaning everything…and during my “rest” I turned on the boob-tube..yep. I turned on a television.

I am absolutely horrified now by the vast amounts of crap shows on the TV.  I mean, three or four news channels go all the time and they are okay (well Fox isn’t, but that’s yet another blog)…but there are a hundred commercials posing as a tv show…and there are millions of shows about idiots.

There’s one about a doctor who pops pimples.  Swear to God, there is too! There’s wedding shows where the people have never met before marriage…divorce courts full of people from other tv shows about marriage……show about people who have met “online” the “love of my life”…yea right. There is a dog watching channel….for DOGS to watch the tv. There’s probably a cat channel too but I didn’t see it.

Hell, there is even Russian TV on my “line-up”.

When did television become crap?  I wonder what I was doing when I should have paid attention.

The show that is on right now is about Americans (all delusional) that “fell in love online” with people in other countries…… fell in love with a girl 1/3 his age (his children are ten years older), who speaks portuguese (he doesn’t), has a live in “boyfriend” 30 years her senior, and this idiot is going to go visit so he can marry her. One chick, age 42, “fell in love’ with an underwear model, age 24, who lives in Amsterdam. Oh, that sounds like it could work out, right?

Is this what happened when Jerry Springer retired? If so, I think I want him to come back to daytime Television…or I want to simply shoot the tv and put it out of my misery. George might object to my shooting the TV though.



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  1. Aw hell, go ahead and shoot the TV. “kids” bust my chops when I reminisce about Carol Burnett, MTM, I Love Lucy, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Dinah Shore, Bonanza, Lone Ranger, Zorro. Were it not for baseball, I could shoot my TV and not miss it.

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  2. I am entirely against guns and shooting but shooting the tv: be my guest 😁

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    1. if PBS ever goes off I will be killing the television. I can not live without my masterpiece theater!

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      1. 😁 well, we all have our weaknesses 😝

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  3. Someone I used to know was very anal when it came to leaving the TV on for the pets. It must have been a channel with no commercials, just in case any pet abuse/ shelter ads came on. You know – not to scar the cat/ dog for life.

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  4. And that’s why I don’t watch much TV these days. I’ll watch old B&W sit/coms like Andy Griffith, and even Hogans Heroes, before I’d watch what they call entertainment now.

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  5. lol I’ve seen the popping pimples doctor! 😀 reality tv is all there seems to be nowadays. Not much else. Bug bombing sounds nasty! Especially the cleaning up of dead bugs! ewwww!


  6. My wife had a cat who would regularly and inexplicably turn on the TV and turn the channel to TBN (?) or some channel like that where a nun sold rosaries and saint medals.

    No one in the family is Catholic nor would they have a reason to be on that station.

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    1. lol
      I’m convinced that the pets we keep are in actuality creatures from another planet that are smarter than we are…

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