enemy of the people?

“what you are seeing and what you are hearing…is not what is happening.”

President Trump is escalating. I don’t know if it is due to the hearings, the Senate republicans suddenly asking questions..or possibly a stroke.

Regardless of the cause, America is floundering. All the protections we had..all the regulations on air, soil and water are going away. All the things that made us “great’ are being systematically destroyed by this presidency.

Trump isn’t the first to say horrible things about the press. He won’t be the last. He will go down as the worst.

History will remember Trump’s “reign” as one of the most harmful to our American Dream.

We must find a way to remove him from office.  Before we no longer have an America.

8 thoughts on “enemy of the people?

  1. My cave in the Mediterranean is waiting.

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  2. makes me glad he’s not the president of my country!

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  3. “We must find a way to remove him from office. Before we no longer have an America.”

    Hear hear!

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  4. I am afraid that simply getting rid of Donald Trump will not solve the problem, it is much more complicated than that… and perhaps you can start looking in your home town, like everyone else.. 🙂

    “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama

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    1. not quite sure what you mean by looking in my home town. I already volunteer with resist, am a registrar for voting applications and go door to door registering people and updating their information, provide rides to the polls for those without transportation, provide a sitter for those who either have children or elderly or disabled at home so they can go vote, volunteer for a national democratic organization, call my senators and congressmen regularly, write letters to them as well. I am afraid that since I am NOT quite clear what you meant, I was (and am still) a bit annoyed. Please explain.


      1. I apologize for not explaining myself better… 🙂 one has to do what you, I and many others are doing.. one has to deal with and hopefully change attitudes of the people, starting with the grass roots, my home town, your home town, everyone’s home town… concentrating on getting rid of Trump and leaving the world as it is will change very little, if anything… someone else will just take his place and carry on… 🙂

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