dog days of summer…..

Sometimes one just has to put aside all the worries, chores…responsibilities of life in order to regroup.

Those of us who share our lives with four legged children know that there is no better way to set aside everything than to grab the fur-babies and go.

today, that’s what i did. Stopping by Angie’s house first, we all decided once the dogs quieted down to take them to a new dog park.

Well, it may not be new to the city of Enid, but it is new to us and we finally found it! And it was great.

We met new friends………like this little Pomeranian. Her name is “dreamy”. Her “mom” said, “we are new to Enid and it’s the first visit to this park. It’s dreamy, isn’t it?” Considering she had just told me the dogs name, and here she was saying the park was the same…well, honestly I thought she was a bit nuts….but in a NICE way.

The Pom was extremely sweet though, ultra friendly and Gunnar adored her. I have a feeling my little man will be dreaming about her tonight. Doesn’t exactly fit Fandango’s WOD, but close enough for Government work. (especially OUR whacked government)

Saw a kite (a falcon like bird of prey…..SO COOL!) it is really hard to see. Center tree, top right. yea, one of these days I will figure out how to zoom on my cell phone. Bear with me, It took me ten years to figure out there was a camera in the phone!

and made a few “movies” trying to both show the dog park, the dogs and locate those jet fighters from Vance AFB flying over us……..

decompression is now complete. It is once again safe to watch the evening news.


5 thoughts on “dog days of summer…..

  1. Sounds like y’all had f fun day! Thanks for pointing out the bird, too!
    We just recently got a dog park here. We don’t have a dog now, but I’m glad they finally got a park for them. 🙂

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  2. Don’t be too sure about the evening news. I watched last night, had nightmares all night of a circus tent and a fat, orange-haired, naked ringmaster riding a zebra and chasing Melania, Stormy, and Karen (all clothed) around the floor with stands packed by trumpeteers screaming “grab ’em, grab ’em, grab em”. Maybe I’ll watch reruns of I LOVE LUCY tonight.

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  3. Fun day, cute dogs, sorry but I like that pom, he’s cute!

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  4. Lovely park great video 😊

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