It is all Weird Weekends Fault!

I was reading a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers this morning, and realized that though he got me started on my loom projects I had yet to show any to him…and everyone else.

So, Weird Weekends…this is YOUR fault!

This was the post that got me wondering if playing with a loom was something I wanted to do.

This is the first time I played with the loom.

and these (notice it has become plural!!!) are some of the things I have made and given away……

8 thoughts on “It is all Weird Weekends Fault!

  1. these are so awesome!

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    1. thanks….my first scarf was such a mess I took it apaat four times…..I had a triangle scarf at one point! LOL

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  2. Very pretty. They tried to teach me the loom when I was institutionalized but did not appreciate my 1st masterpiece – a tapestry depicting a raised middle finger. Can you imagine? Uh-oh, I forgot my meds again this morning.

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    1. I am working on one now to send to POTUS for Christmas. it depicts several hands with raised fingers. think he’ll like it?

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  3. REALLY! Is there any ends to your talents 🙄

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  4. Those are very pretty Suze!

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