August photography challenge, Aug 1, 2018

CassiaElizabeth is hosting a challenge this month. Check her site (and the challenge) out HERE and join in.

This is a ten day challenge, and day one is “a coffee shop”.  Well I have to admit I didn’t know where any coffee shops were in Enid, so last week I went on a hunt for them. Turns out we have a Starbucks (ick), the Five80, Barnstormer’s (which is more of a restaurant than a coffee shop but still………there are a couple of pastry shops where you can get coffee too, but I think they don’t count.

Here are my submissions for the day..and if you want a recommendation for when you are passing through Enid, Oklahoma? Go to Barnstormer’s at the local airport. The coffee is fresher, the waitress will slay you with her dry sense of humor and the food is amazingly good for a low price. PLUS, there are small airplanes taking off and some of my husband George’s models are hanging from the ceiling and in the airport museum!

the five80 coffee shop
that big one to the right is a model George made! Barnstormer’s!

3 thoughts on “August photography challenge, Aug 1, 2018

  1. Well done George 💋

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  2. That sounds like fun, going around searching for a coffee shop! I like the looks of both of these you found. Very cool to have George’s model hanging up in there, too. 🙂

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