Cyranny’s I’m-So-Dang-Behind Club too…but,

this isn’t just another Me Too movement. Nope, it is simply that life got in the way of my posts and I will never ever in a bazillion years catch up to where I should have been if I had only paid more attention!

Cyranny also fell behind…she was amazed yesterday that it is now August and July’s posts are missing……..heck, the only reason I know it is August and not July is because of people reminding me I was going to do a photo challenge in August and i’d better get off my lazy tookus and start taking pictures!

But, July is now missing a few (tens) of posts cause I was so busy doing stuff I thought might be important….like registering people to vote, sitting on the floor in my local Congressman’s office till he spoke with me and going door to door with voter cards…..oh, and tweeting snarky replies to Sens Lankford, McConnell, Inhofe, et al… I unwittingly joined Cyranny’s club without meaning to.

Now, to be a member ya just have to be “behind” (which I most certainly am), post your favorite July posts that managed to get published in spite of your constant inability to get anything done as links, then link back to Cyranny’s explanatory post about being late with everything.

Make sense? No? I thought it might not. Just go over to Cyranny’s post and she explains it much better. So without further ado..the July posts I think might actually be worth reading….maybe.






So, there ya have em Cyranny…the four I think are worth at least a look…and possibly one is good enough for a comment.

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