August Photography challenge, August 4, 2018

Oh my gosh, August 4th already! Five more days to absolutely ancient (at least according to my son)….and you want ice cream to be the prompt today instead of on my birthday? Dang, CassiaElizabeth! FIVE days! You couldn’t wait, could ya?

Okay, for those still in the dark, CassiaElizabeth is hosting this photography challenge.  She said we could talk if we wanted to, so of course, I am babbling once again.

I really don’t eat ice cream..or ice milk, or iced much of anything well except an occasional virgin margarita…except I don’t really drink those either), but George loves the stuff so we have some every now and then in the freezer…..

I like other stuff… REAL food.

But, ice cream is the photo prompt so I suppose I have to get a picture of it somewhere huh? Lemme just check the freezer……..

Yep, there it is…an empty ice cream box!

I have a VERY serious question for the men out there who stumble upon my blather….

why can’t you guys throw out an empty box????

Seriously, do you think the ice cream replenishes itself in the freezer if you just leave it in there?

Do you think there’s an ice cream fairy who comes around (much like the tooth fairy) waves her fairy dusting wand over the box and it magically becomes full again?

Why doesn’t the box just get thrown out?

Seriously, a smear of chocolate in the bottom or one the sides does NOT a dish of dessert make! I tried scraping it out……ya know how much actual ICE CREAM was in there?  1 tablespoon, that’s how much…and George spazzed when I threw away the box. At least he didn’t go get the box out of the trash to see if it was still “good”. He would have a few years ago, but I’ve been working on him.  I figure another 33 years of marriage and he will be trained enough to take out to a nice restaurant somewhere.



5 thoughts on “August Photography challenge, August 4, 2018

  1. Suze, it is a man thing. I’ve lived with the same one for 25 years and they simply do not comprehend throwing away empty food boxes, empty pickle jars and empty peanut butter jars. And how about those jar lids they simply don’t have the strength to put back on the jars tightly?

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    1. or the tops from water bottles? there are a BAZILLION of them on George’s desk. no bottles, just caps!

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  2. Why would anyone not throw out an empty carton! 😬

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    1. now see. just from that remark I KNOW you are a girl! lol

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