Oh I hate being in this position.

such a sweet man. If you can, please either share or help by buying a cuppa joe.

Welcome to my world.

I never thought I would ever, in my life, write a post like this.

As I am writing this I’m not even sure if I will post it or not I actually hate myself a little for even thinking about this but here goes.

As anyone who has even so much as glanced at my blog over the last 18 months you will know that since May last year I have been unemployed.

I have spent the last year at home as a full time stay at home dad and I have loved every minute I have spent with my daughter but now things are getting tight with money and I’ve been trying to get a job, interview after interview and I keep getting rejected.

So I decided to train to be a driving instructor.

This is harder than I thought it would be, I am trying to pass my…

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3 thoughts on “Oh I hate being in this position.

  1. Thank you for sharing, Suze 🙂 I love your big heart! xx

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  2. You can do it 🙂 Keep on trying and pushing your comfort zone.

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  3. poor guy! I hope he gets a job soon!

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