August Photography Challenge, Aug 5, 2018

Since the ice cream debacle, I thought it would behoove me to get off my duff and go find something for today’s post as soon as I could. Nothing like being stuck with an empty ice cream container to get the photographer juices flowing!

Beside’s, I figured CassiaElizabeth would put up with my nonsense once but probably not more than that. She seems such a reasonable person, I really didn’t want to push my luck. Go read her posts and you will see…she’s just a nice person.

So, tomorrow which is the 5th, is the day this will post which will then be today the 5th, and the prompt for the 5th which is today, not yesterday when I wrote this today, isn’t. Got it?

Yea…that’s the way it is…..I never said what the prompt was, did I?  That’s because I can’t FIND the blasted thing, or anything like it anywhere in this blasted town! The prompt is MINT GREEN…………NONE of these images are MINT GREEN.

Oh, I got close…but since I am not playing horseshoes, that “close’ just doesn’t cut it.

So, I give up. I looked all over the place and what Cassia gets today are a bunch of ALMOST BUT NO CIGAR MINT GREEN!



5 thoughts on “August Photography Challenge, Aug 5, 2018

  1. I think the tub came the closest!

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    1. me too actually. boy, that was frustrating! lol

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  2. Suze, you’re wearing me out. Don’t you have a protest to go to somewhere?

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  3. I agree, mint green is hard to find in amongst all the other kinds of green. Nice photos, though, and the bathtub comes closest, I think. 🙂

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