August Photography Challenge, Aug 6, 2018

Day six of CassiaElizabeth’s August Photography Challenge and I am still taking pictures.

This day i took pictures of pictures actually. The prompt is “Portrait”, and since no one (and I do mean no person) would let me do a portrait of them for this so I am stuck with a dog, me and a bunch of old pictures..

Now, my dad took one of the old pictures, and the rest were done by various photography studios (or the US Army) BUT I took a pic of the pic so it counts!

11 thoughts on “August Photography Challenge, Aug 6, 2018

  1. You look sweet, Suze! And don’t you go round pretending to be old – in case you didn’t notice, you let out the secret of your real age in one of your recent posts.

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    1. I did? I can never remember if I am 63 or 64…wait a sec. one more year to medicare. YEP, I am 63.


  2. What a looker! And you don’t look bad now 😉

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  3. Oh and George wouldn’t be kicked out of bed either 😉😉

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    1. he is a damned good looking man….sigh

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  4. Suze…I love that instead of dropping out of the challenge, or rather never entering it, you were your creative thinking self and decided to take pictures of pictures. Still portraits as it seems, so there. Oh and by the way, I was never asked to sit for a portrait, or I’d have been happy to oblige.

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    1. I did actually ask my neighbors to sit for a portrait. Three said “no”, two said “please leave now”, one said “you want a partridge?”. I stopped asking due to complete confusion. lol

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      1. Suze you’re a hoot!

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  5. Wonderful gallery of portraits!
    I take pictures of pictures all the time!
    I have to get creative for tomorrow’s topic, though, as I don’t put photos of people! 🙂

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    1. oh dear…it is children. does that mean I have to go back to the pools one? lol

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