hopefully this will post what I want it to post instead of whatever WP wants to post. On a day trip to Kansas, transporting the housebound to exercize their rights.  Saw one disgusting tee shirt but mostly people are incredibly nice and very grateful for a ride.

thats the johnson county courthouse in Olathe. I still don’t know how to pronounce that city name either as I have heard it at least 400 different ways now. I suppose it isn’t important.

my little retirees have to walk from the front of the courthouse around the corner 9instead of going through the building) from where I have to park. it takes them a while to get there, vote and come back. this is trip two for me, and one more to go before I head back to oklahoma and a much needed sleep.

ah, some of them are wandering back now. Get the word out. If you are in a state that has an election today, get off your ass and go vote! if you have already done so, thanks. Take a friend along so they can vote too..hell, take a stranger! I am! I need a bigger phone. How do you kids post from this silly thing anyway? dang!

8 thoughts on “vote!

  1. I’m proud of you, Suze….now go get some sleep.

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    1. om my way home. thanks Larry

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  2. I have the largest keyboard I could find in a samsung. Still have trouble. I’m amazed at my daughter’s flying fingers seeing her do it. I agree, VOTE for change, please!

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  3. Oh, in Olathe Colorado, famous for its sweet corn, it’s pronounced
    O lAth ah ,; )


  4. I voted this morning! 😀

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  5. argggggggg, traffic jam. one accident and 10 bazillion lookers…………sheesh


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