Cassia Elizabeth’s Photography Challenge, August 9, 2018

CassiaElizabeth has probably figured out by now that I rarely do things the way they are set up..I have a slight problem following directions (even though there are only 3 here) and I tend to take left turns when flummoxed or bored.

I also love etymology..or the beginnings of words…the history of words…and the way the meanings have changed over the eons since someone first thought up the words.

Bouquet was introduced to English from old French circa 1715-20…..attributed to Lady Mary Montague in 1716 by most etymologists.  Bouquet  or Bouchet meaning little wood, from the Medieval Latin Boscus meaning “bushy grove”. And Boscus came from Old Latin Bascum meaning “group in wood”.

And being Suze, I take the meaning of the word from the oldest Latin and simply left of the “wood” part of the equation. After all, no one knows if the ancient italians meant being made of wood or being IN the woods…so to me, with my convoluted logic, Bouquet means GROUP!

All of that being said (or written as it were), today’s prompt is “a bouquet of flowers” and this is my take on it.


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