I can’t believe I made it

It’s my birthday today. I am, according to my birth certificate, 64 today.

I have a difficult time actually remembering how old I am, as I tend to do things before I am “old enough” to do them or “far too old to being doing that!”.

Plus numbers really don’t mean a hell of a lot once you are old enough to drive, drink and vote. It all becomes relative after those events.

I tend to remember things (years really) by the music I was listening to at the time….but even that doesn’t help me for the most part in remembering just how old/young I am.

I listened to a LOT of classical music as a kid, and a whole lot of Gilbert and Sullivan as a teen.

I graduated at “just turned 17” from school so was the youngest student in my college…that also doesn’t assist me in remembering my age.

None of the normal milestones really work for me……..and honestly I am not quite sure how other people remember as their age changes every blasted year anyway.

The events I have lived through are not a huge help either…I went to Woodstock. Granted I was a kid, but I was there and remember most of the bands playing.

I ran away from home at 14 for a year…….and was living with a bunch of “hippies” so I think of myself as an aged one…….

Age is a number that simply does not compute.

It also doesn’t help that out of my friends, siblings and children, only one person ever remembers that I have one. She reminds the hubby about it, so he “remembers” usually on the day itself.

All of this rather rambling introspection has wandered out of my brain and into this post because this year…………I got a birthday card. And it wasn’t late by six weeks.  And it made me laugh…and cry. This year I asked to simply have a dinner with my best friend and her husband. No presents, no cards (everyone always forgets anyway) and last night we four celebrated my birthday at a hamburger joint I adore.

And it was perfect.

I got a card. I spent time with friends and George. And I received the best present ever in the history of forever.

A fully paid off home.

My little corner of the universe is fully mine and George’s now. No more house payments…ever.  No more worrying about how will we ever have a livable retirement.  Just pay the taxes every year and no one can ever take away our security again.

For someone who lived in a wrecked car under a bridge for a year, this is HUGE. I have been tearing up every few hours just thinking about the house….it is actually ours.  And honestly?  I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted away. For the first time in over 10 years I don’t feel any angina. I just feel gratitude……………and peace.

Happy Birthday me…………and hoping for happy birthday for you.



23 thoughts on “I can’t believe I made it

  1. Happy Birthday!! 🙂

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  2. Happy Birthday, young lady!!… may all your presents and today, and every day, be filled with love and happiness!!… thanks for sharing a bit of your life and adventures!!… 🙂

    “Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come”.

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  3. Happy Birthday and Home Ownership! Just reading your post made me feel good! 🙂 And you were at Woodstock! OMG! That’s incredible. You’ve had a great life and I think the next forty years will be even more remarkable. I’ll pass along the advice my dear uncle gave me before his 90th birthday…”stay busy.”

    Thank you for sharing a lovely post.

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  4. I am resisting the temptation. . .nah, here it is: and a very happy day to you Madam!🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁

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    1. A better less jerking around version: https://youtu.be/XFxNC87HyLo

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  5. Happy Birthday ..
    subtract your age from 100 to get how old you are supposed to act 😉

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  6. Happy Birthday, Suze. I was trying to think of something snarky, but I’ve come up empty….happens a lot to us “older folks”.

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  7. Love all the comments! Happy Birthday to my blogger buddy! I am so glad your house is paid off, what a wonderful birthday present. Since I don’t have good luck embedding videos, the one I would embed is also by the Beatles…You Say It’s Your Birthday! Just hum along to that in your head. 🙂

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  8. I may have just sobbed a little bit at this post! Happy birthday hugs to you!!

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  9. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on the paid mortgage. Since you were at Woodstock, here’s a video of Jim Hendrix’s version of Happy Birthday.

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  10. Happy Birthday buttercup and congratulations on being a house owner, enjoy 😊

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    1. i feel ten years younger today for some reason. probably due to the house payment we no longer have to pay! thanks sweetie!

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  11. happy happy happy birthday and I wish you much contentment in your fully paid-off home!

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  12. It’s been said by many before me, but Happy Birthday Suze!

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  13. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Glad you could get together with friends for a celebration dinner.
    Oh, you’re right, numbers are just numbers…and you can always say you are younger than I am. 🙂 ❤

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  14. Happy happy birthday, Suze! You have led such an interesting life. Though you are only for years older than me, you seem to have seen so much more. And given your adventurous nature, you’ll continue to have adventures in the years to come. I’m so happy you have your house to come home to!

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  15. Btw, my husband sang ‘When I’m 64’ every day for two years. Thank goodness he’s 65 now!

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    1. i’ve been singing it all week! I like your husband already! lol

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  16. Happy belated birthday, Suze! You certainly have a rich life. And congrats on paying off your house payments.

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