Cassia Elizabeth’s Photography Challenge, August 10, 2018

Day ten. The last entry into Cassia Elizabeth‘s August Photography Challenge.  The prompt is “Donut”.

I thought “oh, this is easy. Go buy some donuts”………then I got busy doing all kinds of other things and totally forgot about buying donuts..

So I made some.

And okay, I don’t have that donut hole thing down pat yet…………

I’d have started again, but both George and I ate too many so the first picture alone will have to do. (that sounded like there was more than one picture, but there wasn’t.)

6 thoughts on “Cassia Elizabeth’s Photography Challenge, August 10, 2018

  1. I would like the one in the upper right-hand corner, please? Look yummy … who cares if the hole isn’t perfect … it gives them character!

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  2. mmmm you made your own? even better than buying some! Way to go bet they were delicious!

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    1. pumpkin spice donuts. my hubby’s favorites

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      1. Yummy, where’s mine? Xx

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