day trip to Osage Hills State Park

Angie and I decided to check out an eastern Oklahoma state park today, and dragged Garry along just in case we needed a man for ..well…whatever.

We found not just a glorious drive through rambling hills and grassy plains, but an amazingly beautiful CCC park.

Osage Hills State Park is just south of Bartlesville, Oklahoma and just east of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Pawhuska is known for being the seat of the Osage Nation and also for being the home of Ree Drummond, of the Pioneer Woman Mercantile and ongoing HGTV host.

Bartlesville is home to the founder of Phillips Petroleum, has a Frank Lloyd Wright designed building (the Price tower), and is one of two places in Oklahoma where a Lenape Native American tribe lives.

We found the park and immediately started bothering the sweet lady behind the park rangers desk with a bazillion questions and far more information than she wanted to know. Osage Hills Park is a Civilian Conservation Corps project that began in 1936. It is designed by the fellow that created all the park buildings at Yellowstone National Park.

Two maps, and two campground maps later we wandered back to the truck and drive around to find the “perfect” campsite.

When Ang and I look for a campsite, we want every amenity we can get for next to no money..and we walk each site, measuring out where the tents and tables could go. We actually take notes on each campsite and keep the park information in a notebook. It makes for super easy vacation planning as every single bit of information we need is in it’s own little section of our books.

Ang and I need a water source close by the site, so generally we choose an RV “pull in” as opposed to “pull-through” site. There is more grass in a pull-in. We take two tents and a shower tent so we need the room.  An “L” shaped tent arrangement actually works best for us as the dogs can go from tent to tent more easily. We also like having an electrical outlet so we can plug in the NOAH weather radio. RV sites have both.  Few tent sites have them.

We like being near a bathroom building as well. At a minimum a bathroom building provides shelter during bad storms. We’ve been caught before and due to age and disability prefer having brick or rock between us and hail or lightening. Just saying.


The guys should enjoy the park as there are bike trails, hiking trails, swimming, a BASEBALL park, canoeing, kayaking and fishing.

Anyway, we had a terrific time, are both in love with this “new’ park and planning an October week’s camping adventure.



7 thoughts on “day trip to Osage Hills State Park

  1. excuse me, I know I took a picture of you as well young lady!!! LOL

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    1. i can’t find it…i keep getting a pic of the lake!


    2. I was just wondering where the picture of Suze was!!!! Make her post it!

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  2. You’ve revived my childhood longing for a caravan and places to park it. Do your cats and dogs go along on these trips as well?


    1. the dogs go with us, the cats stay at home with an automatic feeder. they have a fresh water feeder as well and simply go in and out through the dog door. Very self sufficient, my cats!


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