just another Saturday……

I’ve discovered the joy of decorating.

Oh, not at my home; it’s done nicely and is comfortable..but at friend’s homes. Particularly. Angie’s home.

Yesterday (Saturday) was supposed to be wash day.  That horrid day where we take down every blasted curtain in her home and wash, dry and rehang them them all in the same old windows.

Now, I lived at Angie’s house for a year, and I hang out over there far more than I do at home, so I have seen these same old curtains for over five years now….to say they bore me seems unnecessary at this point.

I had brought over a variety of materials for us to cut up into quilt squares and I had a large piece of a geometric print…red and white. And while Angie was off changing out one load of wash for another I made a cafe curtain for her back door.

Yes, of course she knew what I was doing. One simply doesn’t change out a friend’s curtains without a grudging permission!

We then went off to explore various yard sales..I wanted more (pretty) material………some to make more curtains and some for quilting…

We found some gorgeous floral at one sale..and I also found two cut crystal lamps.  Have no clue where the lamps will go, but I have time to figure it out as they both need rewiring first. Eventually we made it back to her house and the material went into the wash. (can’t be too careful with yard sale stuff).

Ang decided she was going to show me how to make chicken and dumplings the ‘easy” way..I had stated there was no such thing as easy when it comes to this Southern dish…she threw a chicken into a pot, seasoned it and set it to boil…..

In the meantime (while the whole house started to smell like dinner couldn’t come soon enough) the material was dried and I made a second set of curtains..this time for her laundry room.


After the chicken was cooked (and I had talked her out of changing around more sets of curtains for the day), we both de-boned the chicken, and took a can of prepared biscuits, tore them into tiny pieces and threw them in the pot of stock….where they started to poof up……….she eventually added the shredded chicken back into the pot and said “that’s it”.

Call me a Southern dish purist, but I was astounded she didn’t add veg or some thickening agent to the stock……to me, chicken and dumplings is a long drawn out process of cooking an entire meal in a pot then making biscuits from scratch and carefully adding them to a thick chicken stew.

Don’t take me wrong…Ang’s chicken and dumplings tasted great…but to me it just isn’t finished without a bunch of egg noodles and some veg.  Her’s is more like chicken soup with dumplings….maybe it’s cause she isn’t Southern…I dunno. I adore her anyway.

Through all of the day, we never did get around to cutting out my quilt squares. So, it is obvious to me that I need to completely interrupt whatever she had planned and go force her to cut up fabric today.  I’m just hoping she is so happy with her new curtains she doesn’t think about moving any of the old ones.

8 thoughts on “just another Saturday……

  1. Sounds like y’all had a fun, productive day together anyway! 😊

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  2. …..and you didn’t invite me.

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    1. lol..you were there in our hearts…now if you’d just come to Oklahoma……………

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  3. Most important you were able to enjoy the day with a friend, life should be an adventure!… 🙂

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  4. Dumplings are even easier than biscuits. Made this dish – always a family fsve

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  5. This sounds like a fun day! Yes, I am still alive!

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  6. Great job with the curtains–you’re a very crafty friend!

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  7. Thank you everyone, we really enjoy our time together!!!

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