none of the news is news……….

Paul Manafort’s trial ended yesterday with not a single person speaking for the defendant..well except his bumbling attorneys. It is now in the hands of the Jury according to several news outlets. Fox is amazingly silent on the subject, and so is the blatherer-in-chief.

The Republican Senate and House are still sucking up to the Executive branch, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is still lying through her teeth on a daily basis……..

Bernie is still Bernie; Hils is still that woman “but the emails”; Dems are still hopeful of a blue blazing win in the next elections…yet have not completely determined what their platform is beyond “not Republican”.

Paul Ryan still obfuscates and shrugs while giving a smarmy smile in every photo op……….McConnell still fantasizes about the day when all Democrats are sent to some small desert island in the middle of nowhere and he has complete approval to destroy anything that “damned black man in the white house’ managed to accomplish.

The pundits are still being highly intellectual annoyances; the news casters are still reporting; the Cheeto is still tweeting; Russians are still spying and hacking…….

Just exactly how much of this crap are we supposed to handle on a daily basis?

When is the Congress going to pull their collective heads out of Trump’s ass and actually work for the good of the country?

It seems if we continue on as we have been going, it would behoove us all to learn Russian.

In the REAL news in the Hartline world, Suze has upgraded her kitchen with some curtains and a shelf…and George is still working far too hard and making far too many airplane models. The dogs are still canines…the cats are still felines..and the mouse population has shrunk to levels such as those in Bremen post piper.

The sun still comes up every morning and sinks below the horizon every evening. Birds still fly, cows still fart and the government still measures the gases in those farts.


7 thoughts on “none of the news is news……….

  1. Looks like everything is in order then…. 😉

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    1. I chuckled at this remark! thanks!


      1. That’s what I intended 😚. Looks like Mr T gets more erratic by the minute. And was he talking about himself with that comment about Mr Bennan? 😁

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  2. Suze, those really important things like cows farting and George working too hard are truly that – the things in life that matter. I soaked up a full night of MSNBC last night and realized, “Yeah, here it is 11PM and what can I do about the idiot-in-chief, the boot lickers in Congress, the lap dogs in the GOP, the butt smoochers at his rallies? What can I do except vote and encourage others to vote.”

    I’m stretching out in my recliner tonight with a good book and maybe some baseball. Tomorrow I will catch up on the news that really does not matter as much as whether my cat snores or my squirrels outside ear corn and peanuts. I will not feed into the chaos which trump has created to make himself the center of every news story and TV screen. Ehhhh, just an old fart’s opinion.

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  3. “When is the Congress going to pull their collective heads out of Trump’s ass and actually work for the good of the country?” Not soon enough and definitely not before November 6th.

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    1. Oh, I do know this. I just have to whing about it every so often. Usually after getting yet another non-answer from Sen Lankford. sigh

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