NONDESCRIPT?? are you kidding me.

nondescript???? Oh golly! How do I make anyone understand this word when my entire life, home, etc is so non-nondescript?

Seriously, could the WOTD peeps come up with a word that simply doesn’t describe me or my life at all any more than this one? I can say what it isn’t I suppose…that might do it. I know none of my posts are nondescript..they blather or rant or rave too much for that.

Think vanilla ice cream? or white bread?   An oatmeal cookie sans raisins? An all white wall somewhere?

This is NOT nondescript………

9 thoughts on “NONDESCRIPT?? are you kidding me.

  1. Well I think you got that one covered! None of us can even come close!!!

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  2. In my dictionary, the 2nd definition for non-descript is “not easily classified”. Yep, that’s you.

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    1. what a sweet thing to say! *batting eyelashes furiously*

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  3. There is nothing nondescript about you Suze, you are unique 🌹

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      1. You can call me Elaine 😉

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      2. Huh! You house owners are all the same 🙄 😉

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  4. is non-descript even in your vocabulary?

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