being a dichotomy ain’t easy

fandango has a WOTD to take the place of the daily prompt.  Then Cyranny and a bunch of her buddies have another word of the day…they take turns creating and posting them to give us all something to do.

the words today (Tuesday…that was to remind me, not ya’ll) are “being” and “dichotomy”.

Skeptic’s Field Guide: dichotomy

I’m pretty sure I first heard the word Dichotomy in junior high…the reason I believe this to be true is the immediate mnemonic was “dic (is) hot to me)…….yea, I know, I know. gross, right? I WAS 13, give me a break!

I had an extremely difficult time in school. I have dyslexia/dysgraphia and words simply would NOT stay still or quit moving their letters randomly when I tried to read or write…so I’d make up rhymes, little sentences designed to make me remember them or create word pictures in my head to remember….

and at 13, I wasn’t all that mature, so “dic” was a titillating way of remembering. Being mature was an after-thought at that age……..actually…………..being mature is an after thought at this age!

3 thoughts on “being a dichotomy ain’t easy

  1. So, what should we call you? A nondescript dichotomy? Suze, you’re going way too deep here for me to keep up with you.

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    1. was I deep? in what exactly? no wait….I don’t think I want you to answer that actually! rofl

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  2. lol love the humour in this … no happy medium sums it up well … great way to remember words!

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