cutting down wifi traffic……..

Lord knows I am not a computer geek…as a matter of fact, I have my very own geekette cause I am just so lacking in computerese….BUT……I had to do something to cut down the traffic on my wifi signal.  When it was first set up, George needed the wifi signal so he could connect his work computer to our internet access.  And since he can’t seem to remember passwords, we failed to add a password to access the wifi. It’s just a “connect and yer in!” sort of thing.

But recently, other people have discovered that they can send out a blip from their laptops and mobiles and zap into our internet………….and they can ”
SAVE MONEY” by not having internet of their own. Sounds good for them huh?

Yea, it was..just not so good for me and George.

others connecting to our system slowed down everything WE wanted to do.

FB and a friend’s post gave me an idea…legal, probably not very ethical..but sure to cut that wifi traffic in half!

We changed the name…actually I changed the name of the wifi……..

It went from “att792 to ………well………..something else.

This is the post I saw……

Our internet connection sped up enormously within a half hour.


10 thoughts on “cutting down wifi traffic……..

  1. Bravo. I chuckled. Good one!!!

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  2. Good for you and George.

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  3. That’s a good one! 🤣🤣

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  4. There’s a hilarious skit about this by a Bangalore comedian called Danish Sait. Unfortunately it is half in Kannada, so I don’t know if you will be able to get the jokes.

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    1. I got maybe 1/4 of that..but what i did understand was great!


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